Procurement Guide 2014

InternetRetailing Procurement Guide 2014

Welcome to Internet Retailing’s third annual Procurement Guide. It’s one of our key publications of the year, in which we consider the state of the market within different retail disciplines and look ahead to where these disciplines might be taking the industry.

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The overall aim is to offer expert help and guidance to those responsible for making investments in business-critical products and services. That’s particularly crucial this year because of where the retail industry currently sits in the investment cycle. In particular, the journey towards an omnichannel future, where the friction between different channels is somewhere between minimal and, ideally, non-existent continues apace. Companies that want to keep up in this competitive environment have to invest.

Our eleven sections listed below each include a market overview, innovation and outlook, a case study and listings of the top suppliers in that area.

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Selling and Merchandising
  • Payment
  • Operations
  • Customer Experience
  • Retail
  • Internet Retailing in-Store
  • eCommerce
  • International