IRUK Top500 Strategy and Innovation Report 2016

Strategy and Innovation

We’re pleased to present our second annual dimension report focusing on Strategy and Innovation. The UK’s Top500 retailers are ranked for their capacity to offer innovative services and how poised they are to expand internationally. We name the Strategy and Innovation Top100, 2016 and interview Holland & Barrett on their strategy.

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In this report we identify the Top500 UK retailers that are proving most effective in the Strategy & Innovation Performance Dimension. We interview Emma Mead, ecommerce director at Holland & Barrett to find out how the health and wellbeing retailer is defining and targeting its audience in order to grow ecommerce sales as the retailer targets £1bn turnover by 2020. We look in case study detail at successful companies in this Dimension, from Amazon ?? and House of Fraser ?? to John Lewis ?? and Debenhams ??, analysing what their examples say about best practice in this area. In addition, we have 12 hands-on examples of effective approaches that leading retailers and others in related industries are taking.

Our research team explains in analysing the numbers and new research how they’ve approached the task of measuring, quantifying and grading retailers on their performance in Strategy & Innovation. Their results are set out in a full listing of the Top100 retailers in this Dimension. We set the wider context through our strategic overview and consider how new point-of-sale (PoS) technology will impact on multichannel retailers in our emerging practice feature. We’ve found this a stimulating and interesting area to research, and we’re confident that readers will want to act on some of the insights uncovered here.

To view the IRUK 500 2016 ranked by performance cluster, download the full report.

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