UGC: The Art of Social Marketing

Social media has given rise to many new phenomena, but one of the most interesting is user-generated content (UGC). Camera-enabled, always-connected smartphones offer consumers the opportunity to share the minutiae of their lives. And while many selfie their way through their days as a way to share with friends and family, others use their cameras to share images and videos with the world. 

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For retailers, UGC is rapidly becoming a key component of their marketing campaigns as it offers a number of advantages over traditional marketing. In this whitepaper, produced in partnership with Oracle + Bronto, we explore the impact UGC has on retail marketing.

Included in this whitepaper:

  • What is UGC?
  • How to collect UGC
  • How to curate UGC
  • How to implement it into your marketing strategy
  • Some examples of great UGC campaigns, including Calvin Klein, Aerie, BMW and Starbucks

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