Features List

2013 Forward Features List

InternetRetailing magazine will focus on the following areas in 2013. Each subject will be covered across a number features looking separately at the subject from the point of view of strategy, marketing, logistics, operations and IT.


InternetRetailing In-Store (IRIS)

Recent developments have brought the store front of mind: click and collect, digital signage, tablets, kiosks and of course mobile ‘merge’ the store experience with the customer’s own digital devices. A new in-store section in the magazine (IRIS) will address the opportunities of the digital store renaissance and the new approaches to selling in the digital age.


January – Pace of change

What does the future hold for internet and cross-channel retailing? This forward-looking issue kick-starts the year as we look at innovations, statistics, trends and the issues facing retailers across their digital, mobile and store estates in 2013 and beyond.

Press Day: December 21st 2012


March – Commercial

Creating an overwhelming experience that reaches the customer’s heart and mind needs maximum control over every part of the value chain. This issue looks at the strategies, internal processes, operations, teams, technologies and innovations that are helping to shape the retail organisations of tomorrow. This issue will also include a preview of the Internet Retailing Expo.

Press Day: March 18th 2013


May – Mobile

Mobile remains the glue that holds together the cross-channel retail environment but it’s also a game changer for all areas of retail: from payments across channels to multi-screen purchasing at home; location-based innovations in the street; data collection; loyalty driver; and as a simple communications tool.

Press Day: May 10th 2013


July – Customer

Understanding the customer is one part of the equation. Designing the user experience, personalising all touchpoints and engaging for a continuing 2-way relationship all have to be factored into the journey from brand agnostic to brand advocate. This issue looks at personalisation, social commerce and techniques for engaging and increasing customers’ lifetime value.


September – Cross-channel

From multichannel to cross-channel to omni-channel or total retail. Whatever the term used it means the same for customers. In this issue we look at the technology, staff, operations and logistics to enable consumers to continue their journey to purchase anytime, anyhow, anywhere and how the high street is evolving to match and lead customer behaviour. This issue will also include a preview of the Internet Retailing 2013 Conference.


November – International

As UK retail continues its expansion across borders and into international markets both online and off we look at the issues being faced. What challenges lay ahead, where are the opportunities and how are UK digital brands evolving to the global heights of Coca-Cola, Apple and Amazon?


Supplements 2013

InternetRetailing regularly publish specialist supplements that examine specific aspects of online and multichannel retail in more depth. Sponsoring a supplement will position your brand as a thought leader.

  • January – International & Cross border
  • March – IRIS
  • May – Payment & Fraud
  • July – Cross Channel
  • September – eCommerce Platforms
  • November – Supply Chain