InternetRetailing UK Top500 2017

We’re delighted to bring you the InternetRetailing UK Top500 report. For the third year, our research team has looked in depth at the UK’s leading e-commerce and multichannel retailers, comparing and contrasting the capabilities of these top-flight traders to see where and how the best retailers excel. (more…)

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IREU Top500 Mobile and Cross-channel Report 2016

In this second IREU Top500 Performance Dimension Report, we focus squarely on mobile and cross-channel retail. One device, in particular, has transformed this area: the smartphone. We explore how retailers are using mobile in their business models as they trade at scale in this continent, and we investigate how the use of mobile varies between markets. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 The Operations and Logistics Report 2016

In this Dimension Report, we’ve assessed retailers by their delivery promise since this is the metric most likely to guide the shopper’s choice. We measure delivery and collection options, the ease and convenience of returns, and refunds too. Containing a selection of case studies, approaches, and brand new research, this report offers up useful insight into the delivery performance of the Top500 crosschannel retailers, and allows you to benchmark your own strategy against that of your peers and competitors. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 The Customer Report 2016

In this latest IRUK Top500 Performance Dimension Report, our focus is firmly on the person at the heart of the modern multichannel business – The Customer. We focus on how the top retailers are leading the way. Look into case studies and examine the traits that put retailers ahead in this Dimension, while we ask The Perfume Shop managing director Gill Smith about the retailer’s approach to customer service in our lead interview. We’ve also gathered some best practice examples, not only of customer service but also of customer-centric strategy. (more…)

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IREU Top500 Brand Engagement Report: September 2016

We’re pleased to present our first Europe Top500 annual dimension report focusing on Brand Engagement. The Single Market’s Top500 retailers are assessed and ranked for how visible their brand is in search and how broadly and effectively they engage with customers across email, phone, live chat and social media. We name the Brand Engagement Top100, 2016 and interview leading retailers on their strategy. (more…)

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Strategy and Innovation

IRUK Top500 Strategy and Innovation Report 2016

We’re pleased to present our second annual dimension report focusing on Strategy and Innovation. The UK’s Top500 retailers are ranked for their capacity to offer innovative services and how poised they are to expand internationally. We name the Strategy and Innovation Top100, 2016 and interview Holland & Barrett on their strategy. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 Merchandising Report 2016

Leading on from the UK Top500 Report we’re pleased to present our third annual Dimension Report. Merchandising is a subject that goes straight to the heart of retail. For successful merchandising, it’s all about the art and science of selling from a distance. The art is to present products to their best advantage and the science is to look at consumers behaviour and understand your customers. In this report, we analyse the work of retailers who are at the top of their game; we critique the context in which they are operating and we share their best practices.


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InternetRetailing Europe Top500 2016

This is the inaugural ‘European Top500’ – the InternetRetailing Europe Top500 Report. The culmination of two years’ research, this detailed study builds on InternetRetailing research that was first carried out in the UK market the IRUK 2015 Top500.

Our research now covers 32 countries – the members of the European Economic Area (EEA) plus Switzerland.

We’ve examined the leading eCommerce and cross-channel retailers and how they trade, considering their performance through six ‘lenses’ – our Performance Dimensions. Through this research we have been able to move from ‘who are the biggest’ to ‘who are the best’. This report sets out the overall ranking, our methodology and summarises the six Performance Dimensions.

Throughout the year we will release in-depth information on the Performance Dimensions, and together this will create the most comprehensive and extensive assessment of European multichannel performance available. (more…)

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InternetRetailing UK Top500 2016

The definitive Index cataloguing the triumphs, challenges and progress of the 500 most significant retailers in the UK. With a focus on “RetailCraft”, the way a retailer trades, manages, grows and connects with customers, the IRUK 500 assesses retailers across six dimensions of performance. (more…)

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IRUK 500 Merchandising Report 2015

Strong merchandising lies at the heart of great retail. For it’s by communicating the products – what they are, what they do, and what they look like – that retailers most successfully sell. That is the job of the ecommerce website, but it’s one that’s fast becoming more sophisticated as (more…)

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IRUK 500 The Customer Report 2015

When retailers build businesses around their customers’ wants and needs, traders find that new priorities begin to emerge. It becomes important to find out both what customers expect, and how customers behave when they shop. Thinking about consumers in this way means that traders start to meet expectations of speed (more…)

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IRUK 500 Operations and Logistics Report 2015

IT’S A TRICKY balance, but one that leading retailers are achieving. It’s between giving customers the fulfilment choices they want and demand, while ensuring that service is delivered at a profit. Customers are learning fast, from the traders at the forefront of retail logistics, just how accurate and effective delivery, (more…)

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Top 500 Report

UK Top 500 Footprint – March 2014

InternetRetailing is mapping the multichannel ecosystem – retailers, suppliers and people – starting with our Top500 retailer ‘Footprint’ and feature lounge at the InternetRetailing Expo and we want you to be involved. See the most recent IRUK reports by clicking the link below. (more…)

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