How is AI changing the role of the marketer?

Customers today demand a personal and immersive customer experience and meeting this demand is becoming an increasing challenge to retailers. This shift has been ushered in by widespread use of the smartphone and, in doing so, has presented retailers with not only more demanding customers, but also a vast array of data about them.

The vast amount of data produced by such a large number of customers can help retailers personalise their marketing efforts, however, the data is so vast that it can’t really be made sense of by any human force. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. (more…)

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Customer Data Platforms

For more than 20 years retailers have been working on perfecting personalisation using technology. Ever since the beginnings of ecommerce, there has been a drive to leverage the growing amounts of data digital interactions can generate for retailers and convert them into better ways of understanding the customer.

As a result, retail marketing departments have been collecting, cultivating and managing this customer data and creating from it the kind of ‘personalised at scale’ interactions that most consumers now expect as standard from the retailers they deal with, using customer data platforms (CDPs). (more…)

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The impact of innovation in the mobile customer journey

Mobile retail has never been more important to a retailer’s business and it’s grown obvious that simply replicating a desktop site isn’t good enough. The mobile experience must go above and beyond to provide as smooth a customer journey as possible if the retailer is to avoid losing customer interest and spend.

But while the ideology is all well and good what are retailers actually doing in the mobile environment and is it enough to take advantage of the channel and all it offers? (more…)

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Driving Forces: The trends that are redefining retail

Technology and consumer behaviours are evolving simultaneously and the result is that we have customers who are harder to win, easier to lose and more demanding on user experience. With so many new trends to consider, it can be hard for brands and retailers to remain focused on the wider picture.

This whitepaper takes a look at the emerging ideas that are having an effect on the ways that shoppers buy and retailers sell. (more…)

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The direct-to-consumer challenge

Brands are increasingly looking to develop direct-to-consumer relationships with consumers. Retailers need to be considering how such a scenario, in which brands can collect data direct from consumers and even take orders from them automatically, will change the overall retail landscape.

In this whitepaper, compiled by InternetRetailing in partnership with PA Consulting Group, we explore how retailers might go about this in a way that puts customers at the centre of all they do. In doing so, we consider issues around data, company culture and technology. (more…)

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The 5 retail KPIs which will allow you to grow

As a smaller or high growth retailer, understanding and managing your performance is key but is no easy task. These types of business see constant change especially when on a fast growth journey. But true success ion retail relies on more than just passion and gut, monitoring performance through the analysis of KPIs is vital.

But what are the main KPIs you should be measuring? And how do they show you profitability, or let you know when you’re in danger? This whitepaper – produced in association with Brightpearl and our two sister brands, eDelivery and Tamebay – aims to identify the main KPIs to keep an eye on and explores the ways in which retailers are currently keeping an eye on them. (more…)

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Shaping your business to take advantage of fit

In an age where retailers want to know everything about their customers – from what they do and what they like to how they shop – it seems ludicrous that they sometimes still don’t know the very basics of what their customer actually looks like, both in terms of their size and shape.

Featuring case studies on the strategies of Henri Lloyd, House of Fraser, Alexandra, Celtic & Co and a plus size retailer. (more…)

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Expanding via Marketplaces: Options for growth in Europe’s alternative marketplaces

Marketplaces have come to play a central role in e-commerce, for many smaller retailers being their main access to the market. Even for larger retailers, marketplaces are starting to be seen as a vital channel to run alongside their own websites and other sales channels.

This whitepaper looks at what more than 100 etail businesses are doing with alternative marketplaces, what the main challenges are and how to overcome them. (more…)

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Customer-centred commerce in the cloud: orienting your business around the customer

Customer-centricity: an organising principle within the business that puts the customer’s experience and satisfaction before organisational structures, convenience or legacy, a flexible approach that changes both with the identified needs of consumers, as well as tests and initiatives to seek a more effective connection.

This whitepaper comprehensively delves into the issue and provides practical examples of how best to deal with the pressures it creates. (more…)

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Are you delivering what your customers want?

With consumer expectations at an all-time high when it comes to ecommerce, and with rival retailers waiting just one click away, it is increasingly vital that retailers get delivery right.

This whitepaper illuminates the issue. By surveying retailers to find out how they believe they are faring and what they’re aspiring to do, and combining it with comprehensive case studies from leading retailers and a clear plan of 10 key actions for the coming year, we provide key insight into how to benchmark and improve your own delivery strategy (more…)

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Redefining Planning for Peak

A disruptive digital revolution is underway and it is changing the way we live, work, shop, and consume goods and services. To survive in today’s fiercely competitive, alwayson economy, all businesses must transform into digital businesses. For retailers that are at the forefront of this digital evolution, that transformation is not without its challenges. (more…)

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Mobile and the Digital Investment Imperative | Why mobile trumps other 2017 digital investments

Ecommerce today is channel agnostic, and retailers with money to invest have a broad spectrum of digital technologies that all seem to be a priority.

So, which should be the top of that list, and why?

In this whitepaper, presented in partnership with Mobify, we make the case that an investment into mobile will give you the highest return – as this investment will filter into all other aspects of your business and generate increased revenue, retention and loyalty, as well as enable you to keep pace with your competition. (more…)

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Brexit: An Opportunity in Disruption | Post-disruption growth opportunities in Europe’s multichannel retail and brand market

All change leads to opportunity. Disruption by its very nature will disrupt, but out of the chaos comes new ways of doing things, new opportunities and new business models. It may appear catastrophic, but businesses still need to do business, wages still need to be paid, and goods still need to be used.

Learn what brands and businesses across the UK see as the threat and opportunity in disruption in general and Brexit in particular. (more…)

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Passport to International Sales

There is no doubt UK retailers have looked to replicate their domestic strength and that international expansion has allowed a new path for growth. It has enabled the opening up of new markets and new opportunities when demand in domestic markets may be nearing saturation. But it takes more than simply a ‘want’ for an international product from customers. (more…)

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ICLP Whitepaper: Loyalty – A new kind of reward

How important are loyalty schemes to you? Loyalty schemes have gone through a rather strange evolution in recent years. Their initial introduction – particularly with the likes of Tesco Clubcard and Boots Advantage Card – saw huge excitement and a rush to emulate such schemes by their peers.

However, in a market where customers are chasing loyalty how do you stand out? And in a market where customers are no longer quite so driven as they were by discounts then how do you persuade a customer to be loyal to your brand? (more…)

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