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Internet Retailing Procurement Guide

The Internet Retailing Procurement Guide (IRPG) is an essential tool for all parties involved with online and multichannel retailing. Produced annually the guide reviews the state of supply within our industry, sets out the trends and near-future changes, and outlines questions and approaches to ensure readers get the best from their procurement process.

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Purchasing decisions are always fraught with difficulties. Have we over-specified on the brief? Under-specified? Can a company that gives an impressive presentation necessarily be trusted? The Internet Retailing Procurement Guide will help readers to answer such questions.

The IRPG is a comprehensive guide to the realities of commissioning ecommerce services. Our approach is to break down that process into 12 steps that retailers commonly take when setting up or overhauling their ecommerce and cross-channel technologies. In each area we outline the major issues for retailers to consider:

  1. Strategy – Here we analyses how retailers can usefully approach the job of finding and appointing the right digital agencies, consultancies, search and mobile advisers for their business.
  2. Acquisition Marketing – looks at how retailers gain customers, from affiliate marketing to social media, by way of personalisation, SEO and PPC.
  3. User Experience & Performance – on how retailers can make sure the shoppers who visit their site have the best experience possible. That means taking a look at such topics as content management and delivery, usability, analytics, site performance and rich media.
  4. Searchandising – looks at ways of helping customers find the products they are looking for on your site. That includes on-site search, recommendations and reviews.
  5. Payment & Fraud – consider how to ensure customers’ financial details stay safe on your website. That includes functions from shopping carts and security to payment processing and mobile payments.
  6. Operations & Logistics – we cover fulfilment services, carriers, warehousing, packaging systems, shipping supplies and carrier management.
  7. Customer Service & Retention – we focus on ways of handling returns, contact centres, live chat and satisfaction.
  8. Retail Systems – section looks at hosting, database management, retail systems and warehouse management.
  9. Ecommerce Platforms – focuses on ecommerce platforms and buying software as a service.
  10. IRIS (Internet Retailing In –Store) – Here we look at digital technologies linking the ecommerce with in-store: click and collect, digital signage, tablets, kiosks and of course mobile ‘merge’ the store experience with the customer’s own digital devices.
  11. Mobile & Mobility – looks at the role of mobile channels and ‘mobility’ within multichannel retailing.
  12. International Focus  looks at ways of helping retailers expand internationally. International trade bodies, multilingual, multi-currency, internationally fulfilment & delivery.

Each of the sections will be made up of four key elements:

 Market Overview – looks at where the market is now. What are the essential features that your retail business needs to have, and what are the relevant trends that you need to master in order to stay current, and the questions to ask when procuring these services?  Here we also outline 10 key issues to consider when commissioning.

Innovation and Future Outlook looks up the path to consider some of the issues that will be on the radars of forward-thinking retailers if not now, then in the very near future. Here we consider the industry’s direction of travel, and how it is moving to meet customer expectations.

Sponsor’s Voice – Gives one company the opportunity to take a lead position within the section.  Includes full page case study, full page advert, Premium listing in unlimited sections, banner advert on that category section on the online directory to run for 12 months, guaranteed top listing in that section

Company Profiles – Here we outline the key suppliers within each sector with three levels of listing: Basic, Enhanced and Premium.

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