‘Stop playing global ping-pong with your shipments and returns’ wnDirect and Virtualstock

Watch this presentation from wnDirect [IRDX VWDI] and Virtualstock [IRDX VVRT] and discover:

– Are your shipments travelling around the world pinging from one place to the next clocking up costs?
– Do you have little or no stock visibility globally?
– Are returns going back to where they started?
– Are you struggling with legacy systems not talking to each other?

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wnDirect are an international logistics company bringing to market a tailored international delivery solution developed specifically for ecommerce. (more…)




Understanding that costly and time consuming, Systems Integration (SI) can no longer support the challenges faced by today’s multi channel world, The VS Team has spent the last ten years, creating a completely new way in allowing data to flow between any network of systems and platforms, delivering scalable, rapid, controlled management of all data – without ANY interference to existing systems. (more…)

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03 Jul 2014

Jumpstart Revolver

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