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Analysis reveals Morrison's has the slowest page speed for online grocery order

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Morrison's: better shopping in-store as site is very slow
Morrison's: better shopping in-store as site is very slow

With more people than ever depending on online groceries, one organisation has ranked their sites by speed – Morrison's didn't fare well

With demand for online grocery deliveries soaring during recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, research undertaken by an SEO testing website has analysed the page loading speed of the UK’s top supermarkets. Online supermarket Amazon Fresh emerged as the quickest, with Morrison’s the slowest.


The team behind used a mixture of Google PageSpeed Insights and ahrefs to conduct the research. Firstly, the team used ahrefs to determine which supermarkets were ranking the highest for ’online grocery delivery’, with Waitrose’s offering coming out on top (second only to a Telegraph article). The top five ranking brands (discounting any news articles) were as follows:
1. Waitrose

  1. We Deliver Local
  2. Ocado
  3. Iceland
  4. Hello Fresh.


Interestingly, for the keyword ’online supermarket’, it was that came out on top, rather than any of the big five.


Based on these results, the team analysed the page speeds of 15 of the UK’s most popular online grocery delivery services, using Google PageSpeed Insights and the online delivery page of each retailer, rather than the


Three scores were taken for both the mobile and desktop page speeds for each site, and an average of all the results was taken to create a definitive rating.


The top five online grocery delivery sites, in terms of page speed, emerged as follows:

  1. Amazon Fresh - 78 (Page speed score, based on an average from Google PageSpeed Insights)
  2. Ocado - 71.5
  3. Britishgram – 70
  4. Beelivery – 61
  5. Co-op – 57.


The five sites with the slowest speeds were:

  1. Morrison’s – 31
  2. Sainsbury’s - 41.5
  3. Asda - 42.5
  4. Abel and Cole - 47.5
  5. Iceland - 47.5.


Commenting on the findings, Nick Swan, Founder and CEO of, says: "Our supermarkets have been overwhelmed with people trying to get online delivery slots throughout lockdown, and have done a great job keeping us fed. We wanted to see from a pure SEO standpoint whose delivery pages were up to scratch, and it was a real surprise to not see any of the big five supermarkets in the top 5 for speed."

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