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… while Northern Ireland Railways equips trains with free wifi to bring in the punters

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… while Northern Ireland Railways equips trains with free wifi to bring in the punters
… while Northern Ireland Railways equips trains with free wifi to bring in the punters
Translink NI Railways, the Northern Ireland UK state-owned rail operator, is adding free broadband internet on its trains to improve customer service for over 10 million passenger journeys a year. The company said it decided to add WiFi on its services in a bid to encourage more people to switch from private car transportation to the improved comfort and convenience of rail.

“Free WiFi is an added extra to travel on trains,” said David Lowry, Senior Technical Engineer for Translink N I Railways. “More and more people are using their train commute to access their emails or catch up on social media, allowing them to make more of their time. This new free WiFI facility will add value and make it even easier for our passengers to stay in touch.”

Lowry said that internet connectivity also offers additional scope for the company: for instance, the possibility of introducing real-time connectivity enabling customers to see where the train is at any time, so they can join at the appropriate station.

The entire fleet of 47 trains is being implemented by Nomad Digital, a leading provider of wireless solutions to the transportation sector, including passenger WiFi already installed on Amtrak and Virgin Trains. The service will also be used on the cross border Belfast to Dublin route (‘Enterprise fleet’). The full roll-out is due for completion by the autumn of this year. In addition, WiFi is being added to Translink Goldline coaches in Northern Ireland (part of the same group).

“The project requires a quick turnaround and Nomad is helping us keep on top of deadlines, with much to look forward to in future,” said Lowry.

Alexander Eriksen, CEO of Nomad Digital Limited, said: “We’re delighted to help connect yet another UK transport company with internet on-board services, paving the way for a host of add-on benefits in future.”
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