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Body in Balance to release naughty Lovers’ Guide App

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Body in Balance, the company behind the seminal (oh, matron) 1990s ‘sex skills’ show The Lovers Guide, is bringing its wisdom of all things ‘bedroom’ to mobile, with the launch of an app featuring 71 episodes, using explicit footage from the series to illustrate different sexual positions, as well as giving advice on how to build passion.

The App will first be launched on the Android platform, followed by an App for Blackberry. Naturally, it won’t be appearing on iOS – thanks Mr Jobs, Mrs M-retailing is now urging me to get an HTC phone.

The App will cost £1 per clip, for a total of 71 clips. Each clip will be given a “Passion Rating”. The App is due to be launch at the end of July to co-incide with the re-airing of the Lovers Guide TV show on terrestrial tv on Body in Balance, in the UK, SKY 275 on 12 September 2011. Each half hour programme explores one aspect of a healthy and loving sexual relationship, with added commentary from some of the world’s best known names in sexual health and relationships. Its also gives you the chance to see Wolf from Gladiators pleasuring himself, but I digress.

Thirty episodes are being created, covering subjects from arousal and better orgasms, to keeping love alive in a long term relationship. But this is not just titillation, this is serious. As Body in Balance puts it “[The company] exists to promote wellbeing and happiness through entertaining and informative programming. The benefits of a healthy sex life are almost infinite. They range from a lowering of blood pressure to the boosting of the immune system, the reduction of pain through to burning calories and the improvement of sleep”. So now you know.

In case you are wondering, the Lovers’ Guide episode breakdown is:

1. Introduction to the Lovers’ Guide

2. Arousal

3. Foreplay

4. Pleasuring one another

5. Sex and self-esteem

6. Fantasy

7. Sex games

8. Sex aids

9. Intensifying intercourse

10. Creative positions

11. Extreme sex

12. Beyond the bedroom

13. Better orgasms for men

14. Better orgasms for women

15. Masturbation for men

16. Masturbation for women

17. Oral sex for men

18. Oral sex for women

19. What women really want

20. Secrets of advanced sex

21. Contraception and planning

22. Secrets of safe sex

23. Keeping sex alive

24. Exploring threesomes and swinging

25. Sex problems

26. How the Lovers’ Guide changed our lives

27. Changing attitudes to sex on television

28. Behind the scenes - filming the Lovers’ Guide

29. Twenty years of the Lovers’ Guide

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