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Vee24 lets retailers offer online video assistance to internet shoppers

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Vee24 has launched a new service that enables customers browsing websites to both see and talk to a customer service assistant in real-time, to ask questions, discuss products, and request help with form filling and the checkout process.

"A 'vee-assistant' can be available 24/7 and can offer the same kind of personal service found on the high street, but from the convenience of a website," says the company. "Many of the reasons for non-purchase or cart abandonment could be alleviated if customers could simply talk face-to-face with a representative when they are making purchasing decisions."

The veedesk uses high-quality broadcast equipment, specialist cameras, inbuilt lighting and state-of-the-art software to ensure that the vee-assistant is able to maintain eye contact with the online customer whilst having a conversation and co-browsing the website, says Vee24. Using the system, online assistants can:

  • Help customers with whatever they want to buy whether it is a new suit, insurance policy, television or forthcoming holiday.

  • Assist with form completion and payment. The vee-assistant is able to fast-track the customer through the check-out and payment process.

  • Provide advice or reassurance — even though many customers have done their research and are ready to buy, they often still like to make sure that they haven't overlooked anything, says Vee24.

  • Give the customer confidence that there is someone they can contact in the event of a problem and allow them to build a virtual relationship with their vee-assistant.

"Today, many websites are struggling to live up to customers' high expectations, says Andy Henshaw, CEO of Vee24. "Can you imagine a store on the high street with no staff to serve customers? That's exactly what we have online — slick websites but nobody to help if you have a question or encounter a problem. There would be chaos too if 80% of shoppers abandoned the shopping trolleys at the checkout of their local supermarket, yet this is exactly what's happening online."

"Websites can't provide customer service, only people can provide customer service," Henshaw told Internet Retailing. "Vee24 technology is already being employed by Lexus Germany and I believe that very soon we'll all come to expect the service of a personal online assistant — vee-business rather than just e-business."
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