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National Relaxation Day: today 40% of consumers will 'shop away' their stress

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How do consumers relax during the National Relation Day? They shop
How do consumers relax during the National Relation Day? They shop

National relaxation day: today 40% of consumers will 'shop away' their stress

Two-fifths (40%) of consumers are today expected to use ’retail therapy’ as their go-to for stress relief on this, National Relaxation day, says new research.


While I should stop there and go and do somthing relaxing, the report from Clicktale contines: some 74% of surveyed UK and US shoppers say that they have previously purchased to improve their mood, suggests the study. The research polled more than 1,000 UK and US consumers to understand their attitudes when shopping in the low mood.


The study identifies food as the most common purchase made by ’stress shoppers,’ with 35% of the questioned consumers say that they buy food when feeling blue, with others citing food (29%), beauty products (14%) and books (13%).


When it comes to other emotions, consumers experience, 58% of the polled shoppers say they buy when bored, and 46% buy to distract themselves from feeling hungry.


“This National Relaxation Day, it comes as no surprise that so many consumers are planning to hit the shops for little retail therapy," says Geoff Galat, chief marketing officer of Clicktale.


He adds: While this may be seen by some retailers as a good opportunity, it’s important that brands don’t encourage such stress shopping. Instead, both online and offline retailers should use this as a chance to rethink the way they approach customers, and to understand the emotions that impact consumer purchases. By recognising that different consumers shop in different mindsets, retailers can start to create better, more tailored experiences – ultimately helping to develop a more stress-free shopping environment.”


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