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Simple 'tap and go' service launched by Jisp – could this save the high street?

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No more queues: the psychology behind Jisp is to accelerate shopping experience
No more queues: the psychology behind Jisp is to accelerate shopping experience

Jisp, UK start-up is set to introduce a simple ’tap and go’ system that it says is three to four times faster than conventional checkout services offered in supermarkets – and helping beleaguered high street retailers offer the kind of services shoppers crave.


’Tap and go’ is designed to eliminate time-wasting queues at the checkout, enabling shoppers to purchase with just one tap on a sticker of a product of their choice. Equipped with near-field communication (NFC), the label can be scanned to get the product price and details, which then appear on the customer’s phone screen. Once happy with their purchase, they just ’tap and go’ – allowing them to pay. They can then just put the stuff in their bag and leave.


The psychology behind this is to accelerate shopping experience using a device that’s familiar to shoppers, but which will revolutionise the high street, in-store experience. Leading retailers such as Amazon, Co-op and Budgens have already ’blessed’ their high-street stores with ’scan as you shop’ phenomenon to bring the convenience of the smartphone and checkout-less shopping in physical stores.


For the retailers using Jisp, overheads are lower as there is no need to invest in hardware. Also, the system provides higher intelligence on the choices made than a scan service, including the order in which products are selected and data on outcomes rejected to enable follow-up enticements such as discounts.

There is also the opportunity for cross-selling either while shoppers are in the store or afterwards. Offers and discounts can be communicated electronically; there is no need for paper vouchers, which customers often mislay or leave at home. Random checks, a flagging of high-value items or those that need the validation of age will help prevent shrinkage or illegal sales.


“Tap & Go will make scan services seem slow, cumbersome and old-fashioned. Since most customers will have their mobile phone with them this way of shopping will seem natural, reflecting how they shop, their lifestyle and choices and crucially to keep a digital record of their purchases," comments Julian Fisher, the founder and chief executive office Jisp.

Although Tap & Go is mainly suitable for supermarkets and other FMCG retailers, Jisp Stickers can be used by any store to send information about products tapped or picked up by a customer’s mobile phone, so they can decide to buy now or at a later date.

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