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The rise of digital downloads, ushers in by the creation of the iPod back in the early 2000s has created new markets, new players and whole new business models within these industries – seeing one powerful companies wither and other players rise. It has created a tech bubble in its own right and has in many ways reshaped how all business sell.

The digital market for media has also seen its own changes, moving in the late 2010s from a download model to one based on streaming, which again has reshaped how these types of product are consumed and spawned yet more new business models and players.

While digital sales of music, books, games and TV and video content have come to dominate consumption in these verticals, the physical retail model for them hasn’t disappeared. Inspired by retro chic, sustainability and a burgeoning second hand ethos, the market remains for physical music, books and games – and these are also themselves being sold through digital channels.

In this webinar we take a look at how the media market has evolved, who the key players are and what these new business models mean for the book, games, music and TV industries, as well as their wider impact on ecommerce and beyond.

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