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10 smart ways to optimise your mobile checkout experience

Keep your mobile shoppers coming back for more with these great tips and tricks from Amazon Pay

Did you know that 70% of online shoppers with a product in their bag never complete their purchase?[1] That’s a lot of potential sales sitting on the table. Cart abandonment is a pervasive issue in ecommerce, and it’s particularly bad among mobile shoppers. But according to  research that was conducted by the Baymard Institute and commissioned by Amazon Pay, the average ecommerce site can increase its conversion rate by 35% solely through better checkout design.

However, improving your mobile checkout experience is not always as simple as it sounds. The Baymard Institute has found that the average checkout flow has 39 usability issues. But there’s also some good news: there are relatively simple changes you can make right now that will vastly improve your mobile checkout. 

Here are some key ways to optimise your checkout design and help your mobile customers complete their shopping journeys:

  • Make sure customers can checkout as a guest

Guest checkouts are an important option to ensure that carts don’t get abandoned before checkout even starts. The Baymard Institute found that 34% of customers abandoned a checkout in the previous three months because they were required to create an account when they didn’t want to.[2] In particular for mobile shoppers, the guest checkout option can easily get lost on the account selection page — 60% of mobile users had trouble identifying guest checkout, especially when it was placed directly underneath the login for existing customers.[3]

One way to address this particular challenge is to place the “guest checkout” feature first on the page, above the sign-in field for existing customers and the field for creating a new account. Another trick is to collapse all of your form fields, so that customers can see all possible options on their mobile screen at once. By giving your mobile users a complete overview of your account selection page, you’re reducing friction and the possibility of cart abandonment.

  • Use the correct mobile touch keyboard layout


Your mobile customers are shopping with their fingers — the easier you make it for them to type out their information, the more likely they will be to do so. Make sure you’re using the right mobile touch keyboard for the right form field. For example, if you’re asking for numerical information, such as a credit card number, you should automatically show your mobile user a numeric keyboard. The numeral keys on an iPhone are approximately 500% larger on the numeric keyboard than on the traditional alphanumeric keyboard, making them much easier to use. The same principle should be used when you’re asking for emails: the best option is to show your mobile users an email keyboard, where they can easily access the @ symbol next to the space bar.

  • Show the total order amount before checkout

Research reveals that if mobile shoppers don’t know the total cost of their order upfront, they’ll be unwilling to go through pages of checkout information to find out. According to the Baymard Institute, 21% of consumers abandoned orders because they weren’t able to see the total cost before initiating checkout.[4] One way to make your mobile shoppers’ experience a little bit easier is to give them a total cost estimate before checkout. In the shopping bag itself, you can show your mobile customers both the price of the products in their cart as well as an estimated shipping cost sub-total. While it might not be possible to give your mobile shoppers an exact amount before you’ve collected their address information, giving them a basic idea of what to expect will encourage them to continue making their purchase.


To learn seven more effective ways you can improve your mobile shopping experience and reduce cart abandonment, download Amazon Pay’s full report.

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