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Company Spotlight: Manhattan Associates

Founded: 1990

Headquartered: Atlanta, USA



Georgia Leybourne, Senior Director International Marketing



Manhattan Associates designs, builds and delivers leading-edge cloud and on-premises solutions so that organisations are ready to reap the rewards of the omnichannel marketplace.

What does your company do?

Manhattan Associates is a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce, uniting information across the entire enterprise by converging front-end sales with back-end supply chain execution. We keep life and commerce moving.

Manhattan Associates designs, builds and delivers leading-edge cloud and on-premises solutions so that across the store, through networks or from fulfilment centres, organisations are ready to reap the rewards of the omnichannel marketplace.


In the warehouse – On the Road – Across the Enterprise – In the Store


What have the last few months demonstrated about the retail industry?

The last few months have seen businesses of all shapes and sizes react, adapt and pivot to meet the unprecedented challenges posed by Coronavirus. With traditional forecasting and business models essentially becoming obsolete, retailers of all sizes have shown how important it is to be agile, flexible and responsive.

Despite significant challenges however, organisations and their teams have unanimously stepped up to the mark. Retailers have used the flexibility of their supply chains to their advantage, moving inventory in a flash, turning stores into mini distribution centres (DCs) and introducing new delivery methods like curb-side pickup and last mile automated delivery to continue to meet customer demand – all the while managing to look after the health and well-being of their workforces too.

Whether it is warehouses and DCs, distribution networks or in-store, the last few months have demonstrated the resilience, pragmatism, ingenuity and humanity of the British retail industry at its very best.

What role will technology play in this new retail landscape?

Enterprises must be agile, responsive and innovative in order to survive against today’s retail backdrop and technology will play a significant in meeting these challenges.

Manhattan Active® solutions allow organisations to optimise large and complex operations, react to market and demand changes, and scale-up operations and innovate with speed. By using Manhattan Active Supply Chain and Omnichannel solutions, retailers have access to technology that is continuously adaptive, always current and seamlessly interconnected.

Being cloud-native the Manhattan Active suite of solutions allow organisations of any size to leverage the scalability, flexibility, agility and power of mature cloud platforms like Manhattan Active Warehouse Management, free from the need to ever buy more expensive hardware, or design ‘rigid’ networks incapable of flexing up when required.

Why is the cloud now more important than ever?

The cloud enables organisations to continuously innovate, allowing them to meet shifting consumer and market trends in the click of a mouse.

No business can afford the extended downtime often associated with hardware upgrades, but the cost of standing still can be terminal for organisations of all sizes. Technology upgrades are an essential part of staying competitive and the cloud makes regular and seamless updates and functionality possible, allowing organisations to benefit from the latest features and scale as and when needed.

The Manhattan Active suite means customers need never buy another solution, or experience the downtime associated with major hardware or platform upgrades.

Free from the human and capital resources needed to deliver significant upgrades to enterprise and supply chain networks, our customers are able to repurpose all that energy, cost and time toward creating better experiences for their customers and their workforces.

How has the Manhattan Active platform grown?

With a focus on research, development and innovation, we have been able to continuously improve and advance our technology and 12 consecutive years as the leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS is testament to our ‘never settle’ attitude.

With Order Management at the centre, Manhattan Active Omni is engineered specifically to deliver on omnichannel promises across the enterprise.

Retailers are increasingly looking to bleed the boundaries between channels, enabling universal capabilities for any retail associate, in any location, at any time, with one single application. Since its inception in 2016 and with its cloud-first abilities, Manhattan Active Omni has delivered this powerful set of capabilities to hundreds of customers all over the globe.

Following suit, Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is the world’s first cloud-native enterprise-class warehouse management system (WMS), born out of a collaborative approach for innovation. Crafted entirely from microservices and extraordinarily elastic, the latest addition to the suite of solutions ushers in a new era of speed, adaptability and ease of use.

How will this technology help retailers to succeed this year?

More than any previous year, 2020 has shown retailers how important it is to be agile, pragmatic, scalable and responsive too.

Retailers across the UK have been forced to rethink many of the ‘traditional’ rules of engagement when it comes to business models, customer experience, communication and employee engagement. As competition for market share intensifies over the second half of the year, technology that provides brands with innovative approaches to these challenges will be at the vanguard of this rush to succeed.

Slowing down isn’t an option. Efficiency and profitability are the two key goals for all businesses as we look ahead to the second half of the year. As strategies are rebuilt and new processes put in place, now is the time for business leaders to objectively assess how they will meet these goals across a retail landscape that has fundamentally changed over the last six months.

Manhattan Active Solutions optimise operations for selling, customer service, fulfilment and distribution in order to increase revenue and profitability. Together, they enable seamless integration of physical and digital retail, stock management and distribution and crucially, they empower your team to always move forward and continue to Push Possible®.

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