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Guiding customers in their online journey

Mastering the digital experience is essential to fostering lifelong customer relationships. In today’s guided economy, companies are more equipped than ever to reach, engage, and convert digital customers in need of guidance by presenting a contextual solution before a need even has the chance to arise. By offering an intuitive contextual solution, Moxie Concierge® with Kbot® guides your customers through every step of their buyers’ journey. With the ability to determine customer needs, Kbot drives 62% more revenue than live chat.

Here are just a few ways we are helping businesses create a guided customer experience by reducing traditional pain points in the online journey.

  1. Reduce the bounce rates in the awareness phase
  2. Remove confusion and eliminate hesitation
  3. Guide the customer to critical conversions
  4. Enable self-sufficient customers

Find out more and Download our Engagement Planner for a step-by-step guide to turn struggle points into great customer engagements.

Digital Engagement Planner: Map Your Digital Engagements


About goMoxie: goMoxie’s digital guidance platform improves the customer experience and increases conversion rates for faster company growth. Create certainty, empower customers, and get results with goMoxie.

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