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Invitation to webinar: The future of online shopping is fluid

The online shopping market is developing rapidly. Are you ready for a marketing strategy remix? On 1st September, Channable will bring together a panel of leading capacities to address the hottest topics in online marketing today and in the years to come.

Take a little break from your work schedule, get comfortable and get ready for this year’s version of the Impact Cube. The Impact Cube 2022 webinar brings together speakers from leading companies discussing the hottest topics in online commerce, including social marketing, the future of retail, digital transformation, personalization, privacy and more.

What can you expect?

On 1st September 2022 from 14:00 UK time, you can stream the webinar for a couple of hours and hear the experiences and visions of industry leaders, update yourself on the latest trends in online shopping and explore the most innovative ways to utilize online marketing right now. 

Why should you participate?

Technology is changing the entire online shopping market, yet at the same time, customers want a more fluid experience. They will not be limited by “silos” of information and functionality, they will experience continuity in the online shopping journey, and they will avoid friction between different online shopping channels.

Get to know fluid eCommerce – fluid online shopping!

But what does it really mean to make online shopping fluid? By creating an experience that is consistent at each stage of the customer journey, advertisers can interact with customers in a more personal way, creating and delivering tailored information that is consistent at the right time, in the right channel and to the right person.

  • Join us and get inspiration, find solutions to challenges and understand the market dynamics right now.
  • Learn from innovative and visionary key people in the field
  • Understand more about the market, best practices and how online shopping will develop in the future
  • Immerse yourself in interactive presentations and posts that explain innovative strategies for marketing products in new ways in a landscape characterized by rapid development and fierce competition

Who is this relevant to?

Do you want to learn how to improve your marketing and e-commerce management by leveraging techniques to make the customer experience more fluid – from the comfort of your own home? If the answer is YES, this exclusive webinar is perfect for you.

The webinar deals with topics and strategies that are relevant to everyone who works in the online shopping area.

Who will you hear on the webinar?

We have managed to put together a panel with some of the most important capacities within the online shopping area. You will meet these speakers:

  •  John Lin, expert on the Chinese technology market, talks about the future of retail
  • Jim Stolze, tech entrepreneur, talks about artificial versus human intelligence, the metaverse and automation
  • Robert Smit, product manager at Channable, talks about using data to increase online shopping
  • Aida Oghabi, Global Marketing Manager at Google, talks about e-commerce customers’ lack of patience and how advertising can adapt to it

Does this sound interesting?

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