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Company Spotlight: QueryClick

What does your company do and what is your USP?

QueryClick is a full-service digital marketing agency. Its advanced in-house software is uniquely able to find every individual customer or target customer across all marketing touchpoints online and off.

We use our expertise to then deliver client value through ROI-controlled new-customer growth strategies.

How do you deliver on this USP?

QueryClick are able to find customers across data silos with our unique machine learning-based software Corvidae, which reveals up to 334% more data for attribution than market-leading competitors, providing game-changing accuracy and predictive performance.

It tracks the ‘customer journey’ across all advertising platforms including television, newspapers, magazines, out of home and digital, enabling companies to precisely allocate their investments across different marketing channels.

What have been the main points in your expansion and what has been key to your success?

QueryClick is passionate about performance. We believe in being data driven in everything we do and providing strategic insights to better improve a client’s ROI & growth targets.

The agency has been delivering best-in-class multichannel insights and strategic consultancy to clients for 10 years. Growth is driven largely by the development of our software suite to allow us to offer unique data to our optimisation strategies…and further drive performance.

In the early days, development of our Halo software, to allow us to programmatically remove and automate Paid and Organic search engine optimisation, won us work with AirBnB, for whom we identified £4.2m of cannibalised media spend in the first year. Also, we drove an overall increase of 10.2% from search traffic volumes by balancing paid and organic marketing messages with the same software for client Sally Beauty.

Then, addressing Google’s changing algorithm focus, we developed Swiftlink which is a creative content pre-qualification tool which addresses the problem we found in the market that 72% of 700 marketers rated their content marketing as ‘limited, basic, or inconsistent’. Swiftlink can align content activity to SEO value in the linkless algorithm world and provide SEO driven by content marketing again.

And finally to today with our machine learning software Corvidae, taken to market originally to solve attribution challenges in digital marketing, and in fact learning that it provides phenomenal predictive targeting data to allow Programmatic and Paid Social channels to dramatically improve performance – cutting CPAs in half and finding 400% more conversions in A/B tests with our customers.

In developing Corvidae, we realised that attribution models aren’t the problem, but in fact it is the quality of the data going in. Corvidae also provides granular data output daily, to allow automated action to your channels. In our first client test it delivered a 40:1 ROI.

What results is Corvidae achieving for retailers?

An insurance company with an £11.8m media spend has achieved a 51:1 ROI for all types of retargeting (programmatic & paid search) through the use of Corvidae. The company removed 39% of TV spend to deliver the same revenue impact, removed 68% of radio spend to deliver same revenue impact and removed 16% of paid search spend to deliver the same revenue impact.

Other results achieved include 4.8:1 ROAS for paid social prospecting (inc. Facebook), 91% more revenue from email using attributed data & retargeting and 37% media spend reduction, delivering +£976k revenue impact. Overall, the company received a 40:1 ROI for Corvidae deployment across all channels.

What challenges are you addressing for multichannel retailers who aim to meet peak season demands?

We use a data driven approach to ensure our retailers are getting the most out of their marketing investments to maximise revenue. Our technology has been able to solve common challenges in the industry such as eliminating paid search wastage, removing wasted creative time on underperforming content before it is specified and rebuilding below the line campaigns on correctly attributed marketing spend to boost ROI and growth simultaneously.

How are you using the emerging technology to support retail growth?

Given Corvidae’s granular output, we can use A/B performance as proof that its customer targeting models and predictive capability are accurate. Then we help client’s internal team or incumbent agencies onboard more automation driven by the models across the entirety of their campaign spends below the line.

What do you see as challenges for retailers and suppliers over the coming years and how are you prepared to meet those challenges?

Removing wasteful discounting in-store by targeting local customers in a strategy to sell full priced items online using advanced predictive models and CDPs that take into account above and below the line customer engagement with marketing, has a profound implication for the impact on distribution and product planning for a retailer.

It requires a concerted approach from retailers to follow this new strategy, and a drive and vision from the top that centralises marketing strategy as the core margin driver for the business. Not all retailers will go on that journey, and those that don’t will find discounting and free returns become a drag on their ability to exist profitably and gain any real customer growth in a segment.

The winners in this margin-led growth strategy will be able to dramatically outcompete local retailers and can go on strong global growth strategies that makes the inroads made by the likes of Zalando into the UK digital retail market seem tame.

What targets are you aiming to achieve in the next five years?

In the short term we are looking to solidify our position as a technology leader in the UK and conclude a number of POCs we have with global brands to prove our impact and expand in the US & EMEA markets, then build towards market leadership in marketing analytics and performance optimisation with radical innovation we have coming down the pipe driving a new approach to marketing.


Date launched: 2008

Office locations: Edinburgh and London

Customers: EE, BT Enterprise, Tesco Mobile, Vitality, Aggreko, Schuh, Johnstons of Elgin, Sally Beauty.

Contact details:
0207 183 0344,
Twitter: @liversidge,

This Company Spotlight was produced by InternetRetailing and sponsored by QueryClick. Funding articles in this way allows us to explore topics and present relevant services and information that we believe our readers will find of interest.

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