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Company spotlight: RedEye

Company spotlight: RedEye

Company spotlight: RedEye

What does your company do?

We improve conversion for our clients! This is what our clients should expect from us, on the one hand through Contour, our technology platform that supports marketing automation and multichannel communication strategies, and on the other, through our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) team. Taken together, we provide a powerful mix of capabilities that achieve ever-increasing conversion and ROI. Which, of course, is the marketing Holy Grail.

What is your USP?

At the heart of what RedEye does is a single customer de-duplication and identity solution that creates a genuine crosschannel view of the customer. It’s become clear that the future of businesses everywhere has become entirely dependent on data. Relevancy, personalisation, omnichannel – all of these worthy goals are dependent on the ability of brands to recognise and reach customers with personalised, relevant communications across multiple channels and devices. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

How would you describe your company’s vision?

RedEye is a true data-focused business. This consideration forms the core of a single customer view database that removes data silos from around the client’s business while at the same time creating a single marketing pool of customers and customer information.

These unique capabilities allow the client’s marketer to go out and drive superior personalisation across multiple channels and thereby improve the customer experience. Then, together with our CRO capabilities, we can help each one of our clients deliver a brilliant customer experience.

So many worthy goals are dependent on the ability of brands to recognise and reach customers with personalised communications across multiple channels

Matthew Kelleher Chief Commercial Officer

What are you doing currently in the ecommerce/multichannel market?

Our focus at the moment is on implementing predictive capabilities for our clients. The first release of this has been incredibly successful, simply by using engagement patterns to predict purchase behaviours. Applied initially to the email channel, we have a published case study showing a 25% increase in conversion from a 40% reduction in send. It’s really remarkable and this is all part of our mission – to drive increased conversion through the accurate application of data and personalisation.

What new functionality have you added for retailers?

The actual latest release is an update to our A/B Testing tool in the Marketing Automation suite. This is an area where our CRO team work closely with our marketing automation team, developing marketing-leading testing capabilities across all channels, from web to email.

How does this compare to what your competitors are doing?

Why would I care?! What matters is the success of our clients and our ability to respond to their needs, both in the short and medium terms. If I was to try to answer the question, for most UK retailers, all the players look pretty much the same. But what our competition does is try to put everything in the front end, the technology. We believe that most retailers are actually running without the internal capability to maximise the value of complex software, and that people are key to supporting clients. We don’t make you wait two weeks to get an answer on a query or force you to use a help function to learn how to do something new.

Who are your customers?

We work with a wide span of primarily UK retailers, from Penhaligon’s with 17 stores to a high-street supermarket with 1,374. Within these brands, we work at a variety of levels to develop and deliver multichannel and CRO strategies, from day-to-day users of our marketing automation product, Contour, through to ecommerce and marketing directors.

What do you see as challenges in the coming year and what are you doing to meet those challenges?

We work with our clients on a variety of challenges. There are what I think of as ‘traditional’ challenges such as improving loyalty and increasing the percentage of multi-purchase customers in an increasingly fractured marketing landscape. Then there are the biggies, as organisations try to combine customer data from all their channels. Then you have the specifics – clients who need to match dynamic pricing and content in an increasingly real time world of communication.

Customer case study – Penhaligon’s

Penhaligon’s is a luxury fragrance brand with a long and rich history that began in the Victorian era. Through its stores, concessions nationwide and online presence, the brand sells 38 unique fragrances that have a gained the most prestigious seal of approval – two Royal Warrants from HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

The Penhaligon’s requirement:

    • To drive increased conversion and income to meet challenging targets
    • To take Penhaligon’s rich data to the next level, harnessing its full potenial
    • To bring new ideas to the table through high level strategic thinking using RedEye’s expert account management and strategy teams team
    • To provide a marketing automation platform that’s capable of supporting ambitious marketing goals that support the brand’s premium offering
    • To generate new ideas to optimise its website through conversion rate optimisation
    • To help the company get to know the Penhaligon’s customer at a deeper level
    • To tie together its two brands – Penhaligon’s and L’Ar san Parfumeur – under one expert multichannel marketing roof

On joining RedEye, a crosschannel single customer view database was built for Penhaligon’s. This database joined up many elements of the company’s data, from transactional to online and in-store data, adding for the first time, website behavioural data to the customer record. RedEye used its unique customer identification solution to tie in anonymous browsing behaviour and device data to the relevant customer record.

This created a far richer customer understanding, driving personalised communications. This was a crucial step towards creating an even more optimised journey for the Penhaligon’s customer, as it provided much richer data for personalising the customer experience as well identifying a much higher volume of customers as individuals, rather than just cookies.

To truly optimise Penhaligon’s email marketing, it was crucial to really get under the skin of the Penhaligon’s customer, understanding their needs and wants. To do this, RedEye’s dedicated data insight team carried out extensive research into what makes the Penhaligon’s customer tick.

This extensive data insight RedEye carried out was only a stepping stone, RedEye have since been on an optimisation journey with Penhaligon’s, using this rich insight to generate an abundance of ideas that takes the company’s marketing to the next level – a data driven level. The research has enabled RedEye and Penhaligon’s to work together towards a unified experience for their customers and prospects across their key channels.

Data-driven website optimisation strategies The data insight work was just as crucial to the optmisation of the Penhaligon’s website. RedEye carried out expert UX reviews and user testing on the ‘typical’ Penhaligon’s customer in order to gain an understanding of where the website could be further optimised. Using this user testing alongside the data insight work into the website behaviour of Penhaligon’s customers and prospects, RedEye and Penhaligon’s worked created a number of impactful test ideas for the website.

Data-driven email strategies Email plays a big part in Penhaligon’s overall marketing strategy, with highly personalised messages providing each customer with the right content at the right me. Penhaligon’s was looking for a platform that could provide the rich customer experience the brand demands as well as enhancing their data and allow ing it room to grow. Contour was the answer.

Alongside this, RedEye’s account management team supported Penhaligon’s in finding new ways to grow its database by looking at online and in-store data.Stemming from the data insight, behavioural emails were a focus, with emails set up and managed by RedEye, ensuring that the customer journey from website to email was as seamless as possible and provided an experience that really reflects Penhaligon’s premium brand values.With RedEye, Penhaligon’s has achieved a ROI of 776%, showcasing the success of the channel as a whole.

Redeye In Brief:

Company founded: 1997

Global Reach: Clients in the UK and Europe

Turnover: £14.8m

Number of employees: 150

For more information, please contact RedEye’s marketing director, Laura McHenry

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