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ERPLY integrates PayPal for new seamless mobile payment solution

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ERPLY integrates PayPal for new seamless mobile payment solution
ERPLY integrates PayPal for new seamless mobile payment solution
ERPLY, the leading provider of cloud-based POS software, has announced a strategic integration with PayPal to provide businesses, from single to multi-store, a new way to accept mobile payments and manage business operations. Consumers can simply “check-in” on their smart phone to their favorite stores and pay with PayPal,

With this new development, retailers can accept payments from a consumer's mobile device while creating a better shopping experience for both retailers and consumers. The service delivers innovative ways to interact with customers in a cost effective manner. The offering helps retailers bridge the gap between the physical and online worlds, by allowing retailers to get more insight into their customers to deliver more personalized shopping experiences – from customized offers to loyalty programs – and to help drive traffic to their stores through PayPal’s popular mobile application.

The ring-up process – which now will only requires the cashier to match the name and photo of a customer – provides a quicker transaction at the register, eliminating traditional ways of purchasing products through card swiping or reaching into pockets for cash. Funds will be instantly available in the retailer’s PayPal account.

Consumers wishing to use the new payment method will need to download the free PayPal iPhone app. To use the service, they will log in to the PayPal app, click the "Local" button and select a store from the list. Shoppers will slide the “pin” down to let the store know that they have arrived. To pay at checkout, the consumer will simply say they want to pay with PayPal. The shopper will automatically be checked out of the store and receive a receipt via email.

With ERPLY’s ability to handle hundreds of thousands of SKUs and millions of dollars in transactions daily, this new solution will grasp the attention of larger retailers. Some early chain businesses adapting to this new technology at launch include: Sway Clothing, Rudy’s Barbershop and Relax Feet Spas.

"We continue to be excited by our decision to run ERPLY as our store point of sale solution,” said Jane Lee, CEO of Sway. “The PayPal integration allows us to give customers more choice and a better experience at the point of sale."

While managing point of sale, ERPLY separates itself from competitors operating multi-platform from iPad and/or the web to its proclaimed Windows client which allowing retailers to run sales both online and offline – a feature that encourages enterprise companies to move to cloud technology. Popular social media services such as Facebook and Twitter are also integrated into ERPLY’s platform. Some key ERPLY features include the ability to generate sales reports, create gift cards and coupons, and set commissions for employees.

Key benefits for retailers include:

• Attract more customers: Grow your business by gaining access to 110 million active PayPal buyers around the globe. Your business will appear in the PayPal mobile app, used by millions of PayPal customers looking for local shops and services.

• More insight: See what your customers buy and when they shop, to provide them a better shopping experience.

• More productivity: Paying with PayPal is a quicker transaction so staff can focus on more customers and providing better service.

• More loyalty: Help customers save money by offering them what they want, when they want it, and build coupons or incentives around what matters to them.

• Decrease fraud: Because PayPal customers are already verified, retailers don't have to worry about bounced checks or stolen credit cards.
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