In this report, RetailX researchers have analysed the global retail landscape and assessed retailers in all countries to discover the Top1000. As in previous years, this work has been undertaken through a digital lens, with measurements covering not just the size and sales of brands and retailers but their digital and omnichannel capabilities as well.

The global landscape has shifted again for retail as it moves further away from the conditions of the pandemic to what should have been a more stable mode of operating. Customers returning to bricks-and-mortar stores have given retailers a view of the post-pandemic landscape and the ability to compare a new pattern of digital growth.

The last year has been one of change for retailers of all sizes as they managed consumer changes and situations on the wider global arena. As we’ve seen in this report, rising costs have been a factor for many of the RetailX Global Elite 1000 retailers. Increased costs have dampened consumer demand in some product categories resulting in an increase in promotions.

What is apparent is the importance of digital channels and omnichannel services for brands and those retailers with bricks-and-mortar stores. Nike’s move away from wholesale to a direct-to-consumer model attests to this. Our other company spotlights further highlight what it means to be a global retail leader.

Report highlights:

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