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From the editor-in-chief - December 2017

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It’s with huge pride that I introduce this Australia 250 Footprint Report, the latest instalment in our ongoing quest to identify, research and rank the world’s major retailers. In this issue, you will find our first thoughts on the market in Australia.

Thus far, we have identified the largest retailers, but over the coming weeks and months, and years into the future too, we will be looking in detail at the Australian market. As well as size, or Footprint, we will assess retailers operating in Australia on their performance in different aspects, or Dimensions, of retail craft.

It’s an approach that we have already used with great success in the UK and within the European Economic Area. We have honed our approach to produce rankings that are trusted by retailers across the UK and Europe, and it’s this expertise that we now bring to the Australian market.

Nevertheless, we are also conscious that we are newcomers here. While we have already identified key aspects of the Australian market – the sheer geographical spread and the challenges this places on logistics, the influence of both marketplaces and other Asian markets, and the increasing number of brands operating in the country – we are keen to hear from Australian retailers and their suppliers.

We want this to be a dialogue that helps us to shape our ongoing research. That’s because, as we have already learnt at first hand with our other research work, the ability to measure performance over time is key to gaining an understanding of what’s really happening within retail markets.

In May 2018, we will publish our full list of which retailers in Australia are the standout performers, both overall and in different Performance Dimensions. Based on our previous experience, don’t be surprised if there are surprises. While there is a strong correlation between size and performance, we have learnt over the years that many innovations do not arrive via established retailers, but those competing hard for market share, such as startups and specialists that are close to their customers.

In the meantime, I would be delighted if you would get in touch to share your thoughts on our initial work.

Ian Jindal


[email protected]
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Featured In
RetailX AU250 Footprint Report 2018

RetailX AU250 Footprint Report 2018

Featured In
RetailX AU250 Footprint Report 2018

RetailX AU250 Footprint Report 2018

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