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Bronto: How to engage and sell via email


Saima Alibhai, Managing Principal Consultant, Europe at Oracle + Bronto, explores three essential tactics every marketer should use

Your email programme plays a key role in growing your business and keeping shoppers coming back for more. Ready to add a few new tactics to your toolbox? Let’s take a look at three commerce-marketing tools that will take your customer engagement and revenue to the next level.


Capture Browse Behaviour

Consumers will choose to browse a particular site for any number of reasons and we don’t always know why they leave without making a purchase. But how can you rescue some of that potential revenue? Plan and implement a browse recovery email strategy. Brands sending recovery emails are seeing conversion rates of up to 20% and ROI ranging from 10x to 60x.

Triggering a message when a consumer abandons their search – to remind or even incentivise them – could be just the nudge they need to go back and buy. Don’t wait until an item ends up in a basket. Taking action sooner shows consumers you value them and creates another opportunity to engage with them.

Browse data holds the key to relevant and effective browse recovery messages, but you have a wealth of options to consider when it comes to the content. From a simple message that reminds the consumer of the products they were browsing to displaying user reviews and other related content, you should test what will be most effective for your audience.

Recover the Basket

Do shoppers truly abandon items in shopping baskets or use them as temporary storage? It doesn’t really matter. Either way, those baskets represent an opportunity to engage with the customer. By sending an automated email after a shopper leaves an item in a basket, you can quickly, easily and economically bring in additional revenue.

Basket reminder emails are commonly the most profitable messages retailers send, and a solid basket recovery tool can return more than 50 times the investment. At that point, contacts are so far down the purchase funnel that the message can often overcome the reasons they didn’t buy in the first place. Think unsuitable delivery times, shipping costs or a shopping session that was simply interrupted.

Let customers know you understand them and really want their business by offering timely, useful information. Target them with relevant visuals and incentives, time your messages appropriately, and make it easy to come back and reconsider the purchase.

Show Them What They Want

How do you reignite a shopper’s interest? Using browse, purchase and click data to create targeted recommendations that effectively encourage customers to buy again.

By making these communications as relevant as possible, you provide a level of service similar to that of a local shop owner who personally engages with customers. Whether it’s knowing about a consumer’s preferred brand, typical budget or favourite colours, this information enables you to trigger highly relevant and personal product recommendations based on the customer’s buying signals.

Employing these tools and using the information you gather in multiple ways will allow you to effectively communicate with customers and drive valuable business returns with engagement at every step of the purchase journey.

About Oracle + Bronto

Oracle + Bronto high-growth retailers with sophisticated marketing automation to maximise revenue opportunities. The Bronto Marketing Platform powers personalised multichannel content that generates the higher engagement needed for retail success.

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