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RevLifter Launches Intelligent Offers Platform to Unlock Profitable eCommerce Growth

RevLifter, a leading player in the $70 billion (£56 billion) personalised offers movement, will give online retailers the insight and control they need for profitable growth through a powerful new technology.

Designed for brands in all verticals, its self-serve Intelligent Offers Platform provides all the tools required to create, launch, test, and optimise personalised offers across an eCommerce site.

The platform arrives at a time where shrinking margins and rising costs have made broad discounting largely unviable. By targeting individuals based on real-time signals from their journey, the platform can help brands intervene at the right moments to boost conversions and reduce cart abandonment.

Furthermore, by making those interventions only when the retailer’s goals can be driven RevLifter makes it easier to protect margins, increase average order values (AOV), and manage inventory.

Building a profitable offer

The Intelligent Offers Platform comes with a range of personalised offer types and built-in audience segments for launching highly targeted incentives, recommendations, and messages. 

Retailers can set rules to decide who receives an offer based on a range of criteria. Popular choices include new and existing customers, customers showing exit intent, and customers that last purchased within a specific timeframe. Alternatively, the brand can build its own through custom audience segments.

Each offer is designed to drive a specific goal, including:

  • Abandonment: Serve an offer in reaction to common abandonment signals, like lengthy dwell times, the copying of product names, and movements toward the close window button.
  • Stretching spend: Maximise the potential of customers by serving product recommendations or encouraging them to spend more for a bigger saving.
  • Driving conversions: If the customer has already hit the retailer’s AOV, deliver a light incentive to convert them.

These offers are delivered through personalised experiences, including overlays (for grabbing a customer’s attention), subtle overlays (for discreet alerts), offers pages (for recapturing customers that have left a site), and an offers wallet (a native sidebar that alerts customers to new deals and recommendations). 

Retailers also benefit from propensity and intent targeting, which scores each customer based on their likelihood of completing targeted actions, like converting, increasing their cart value, or adding more items to their order. As the score dictates whether or not the customer truly needs an offer, retailers can use it to significantly increase their promotional efficiency.

Optimising for growth

Once their campaigns are live, brands can run A/B and multivariate tests to see which offers, copy, and creatives are driving the best results, and automatically push more of the winners. 

Retailers can also access reports to gain crucial insight into their promotional strategy and answer questions about how specific audiences and offers contribute to their bottom line. 

It’s even possible to study these results against a control group to see the incremental impact of each offer in real time. 

A selective approach

Trusted by major global brands including ASOS, John Lewis, New Balance, and AT&T, RevLifter has six years of experience running personalized offers for the biggest names in fashion, beauty, telecom, consumer electronics, and more.

Its technology has won over 30 awards since 2017, including Best Use of Personalisation at the 2022 eCommerce awards. 

Speaking on the platform launch, Simon Bird, RevLifter’s Co-Founder and CEO, comments: “Retailers already have all the first-party data they need for real-time personalisation. The Intelligent Offers Platform will unlock the true value of this data by taking their real-time signals and using them to enable a much more selective approach regarding how and when their offers are used.

“At a time where rising costs make it difficult to justify discounts, retailers can use our platform to safeguard their brand perception and margins and ensure that each offer, recommendation, and message generates a profitable outcome.”

Available through a range of tiered plans, the Intelligent Offers Platform can be implemented rapidly through a simple tag-based method. It also integrates directly with popular eCommerce platforms and technologies including Shopify, Adobe Commerce/Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and OpenCart.

To demo the Intelligent Offers Platform, head to the RevLifter site.

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