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Manchester-based fashion retailer Nadine Merabi has seen customer spend for 2023 up by 20% following the introduction of a full-funnel paid advertising strategy, integrating brand and performance campaigns across Meta and Google.

The brand partnered with full-funnel performance, brand and creative agency Nest Commerce to deliver its paid social.

The collaboration saw the retailer move from an organic growth strategy to scale spend by 61% increase during the initial six months of collaboration. The success of the strategy prompted them to double their budget for the competitive peak season.

The brand pivoted to paid social after previously focusing on an organic Instagram growth strategy, centreing around the platform’s feed. This strategy hit a roadblock with Instagram’s algorithm updates prioritising Reels over the feed. With the feed becoming more geared towards discovery, ads were becoming more important for driving consistent sales. 

Additionally, the US was a big growth market for the retailer. Nest Commerce also applied its experience in scaling UK fashion brands into the American market to develop a targeted US strategy. The focus began with identifying and honing in on the brand’s best- performing regions on the East and West Coasts.

Subsequently, the strategy expanded to widen the brand’s reach, placing a strong emphasis on brand building. This meticulous approach successfully penetrated the competitive North American fashion market, delivering an impressive 3x incremental ROAS for the brand. The retailer is now planning to launch pop-up stores across the UK and US ahead of a permanent store.

Samantha Mccreight, senior acquisition manager at Nadine Merabi, said: “We chose Nest Commerce for their specialism and unrivalled expertise in paid social and paid search for fashion ecommerce brands. They have really demonstrated the power of Meta in reaching the right audience at the right time, and we look forward to working with them on this next phase as we accelerate our global growth plans.”

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