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Uncertainty surrounding Magento 1: Shopware publishes migration white paper

Many online retailers, whose shop is based on the eCommerce platform Magento, are currently unsettled. The reason for is that Magento will be discontinuing its Magento 1 support as of July 2020. Given the uncertainty associated with this, many retailers are now faced with a tough decision of whether to go down the complex and expensive route of migrating to Magento 2 or to switch to an alternative eCommerce solution directly. shopware AG published a white paper that shines a light fully on the uncertainties surrounding Magento 1, sets out expert opinions and demonstrates why Shopware 6 is the right choice at this time.

Innovative and future-based technologies

Recent statistics indicate that retailers at all levels are hesitant about switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2, despite the mounting pressure. The Corona crisis has proven the importance of having a solid pillar in eCommerce. Innovative and future-oriented technologies form the basis of a successful digital business model.

“And especially now, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable shop system that’s easy to use, includes the latest features and is updated on a regular basis”, says shopware spokesperson Wiljo Krechting.

So, for Magento 1 merchants, the question as to how much longer can you postpone an upgrade or switch and whether an alternative eCommerce solution is an option is becoming more and more pressing.

The shopware white paper “Time to say goodbye? – Why you should think about migrating” provides information and answers to important questions, such as “How can you tell if your current system is no longer the right one?” or “How can you tell if a new system is the right choice?”. Furthermore, readers will find out the problems with upgrading to Magento 2 as well as a migration checklist.

This white paper features neutral experts that have been dealing with various facets of eCommerce for years, amongst them Johannes Altmann, (founder and managing director of “Shoplupe”), Wouter den Otter (managing director at SupportDesk) and Carmen Bremen (co-founder of “Mage One”). Mage One is an initiative specialised in offering assistance beyond the discontinuation of the support on part of Magento 1.

If you’re interested, you can download this free white paper here

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