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RetailX’s exclusive festival of research: Ecommerce World will launch on 9th and 10th July, 2024.

Dive into ecommerce trends across the globe with our editors, researchers and industry guests through 9 FREE webinars over 2 days.

Powered by a kaleidoscope of research, including data analysis and RetailX case studies – our industry experts share everything you need to know in order to get under the skin of our research and stay ahead of the competition.

JULY 9th

09/07/2024: 10:00 BST

Retailers on the rise. The USA Growth 2000 2024

Join our discussion of the 2024 USA Growth 2000. The Growth2000 reports examine how the retailers outside the Top500 operate and thrive. Our research team has for the second time examined the USA G2K retailers and will discuss how they measure in the areas of Search, Mobile, Delivery, and Social, put this in context and use real world case studies to showcase examples of retailers in this class.
Sponsored by Linnworks

09/07/2024: 11:00 BST

A review of the German ecommerce market

Explore the dynamic landscape of the German ecommerce market in this webinar. Dive into market trends, consumer behaviour, and key players shaping the industry. Gain insights into navigating regulatory challenges, optimising logistics, and leveraging digital marketing strategies for success. Join our panel of experts and get under the skin of the Germany 360 report.
Sponsored by Avalara

09/07/2024: 12:00 BST

Inside the United Kingdom 360 report

Join our deep-dive into the thriving United Kingdom ecommerce market and uncover the latest trends, consumer preferences, and innovations driving growth. Learn more about the strategies UK retailers are using to thrive during the cost-of -living crisis as well as the new tools that are helping them grow, navigate sustainability frameworks, and optimise their supply chain. Join our panel of experts as they unlock the secrets of the United Kingdom 360 Report
Sponsored by PXP Financial

09/07/2024: 13:00 BST

Reviewing the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) market

Delve into the ever-evolving global consumer packaged goods market during Ecommerce World Review. Our panel of experts will explore emerging trends, shifting consumer preferences, and innovative strategies reshaping the industry. Viewers will gain valuable insights into market dynamics, consumer profiles, and exclusive case-studies of leading retailers.. Join us to uncover how ecommerce is exploring opportunities and navigating challenges in the dynamic world of consumer packaged goods.

Sponsored by Emarsys

Emarsys: brand values

09/07/2024: 14:00 BST

Inside the DeliveryX Returns report

Join our expert panel as they delve into the complexities of returns management for elite global retailers. Discover how retailers, brands, and carrier partners are tackling challenges arising from the surge in returns. Gain insights from DeliveryX’s latest report on the critical role of seamless returns in consumer satisfaction. Learn more about how retailers are leveraging technology, data, and sustainable practices to navigate the return journey successfully.
Sponsored by Loop Returns

JULY 10th

10/07/2024: 10:00 BST

The Rise of Retail Media

Join our panel of experts as they explore the evolving landscape of retail media. Based on the research of the Retail Media Report 2024, which unveiled the emergence of this dynamic market and its impact across all stakeholders. Our panel will discuss how you can leverage retail media networks to align with evolving consumer behaviours and discover actionable steps for retailers, brands, agencies, and tech vendors.
Sponsored by Mirakl Ads

10/07/2024: 11:00 BST

The EU Top500 Brands in discussion

Join our exclusive webinar unveiling the top 500 direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in Europe. Discover the secrets behind their success as we delve into the comprehensive research findings. Explore what sets these brands apart and learn from their exemplary strategies. Gain valuable insights into the key factors driving their excellence in customer engagement, innovation, and market leadership.

10/07/2024: 12:00 BST

A review of the Subscriptions Report 2024

Join our expert panel as they uncover the Subscription Report 2024, decoding the rise of recurring memberships in modern ecommerce. Explore the dynamics shaping consumer behaviour and delve into the untapped potential for retailers in the subscriptions economy. Gain invaluable insights from real-world case studies and discover strategies to capitalise on this booming market.

Sponsored by Avalara & Ordergroove

10/07/2024: 13:00 BST

A review of the French ecommerce market

Join our webinar exploring the vibrant landscape of the French ecommerce market. Our panel will discuss market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging innovations shaping the industry. Gain insights into navigating regulatory frameworks, optimising logistics, and leveraging digital marketing strategies for success in one of Europe’s largest ecommerce markets.
Sponsored by Avalara

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