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VIDEO Bento Tech: “Lots of retailers are very interested in the subscription model”


This May, as part of RetailX’s Spring Festival event, SubscriptionX will return for the second year. One of the keynote presentations on 14 May 2024 will look at Scaling a Subscription First Business. It will be delivered by Daljit Bamford, chief customer officer at Bento Tech, and Timo Boldt founder of Gousto.

Ahead of the keynote, Dal sat down with Katie Searles to explain the important relationship between Bento and Gousto; why subscriptions are here to stay; and the vital role of technology.

Registration for the Bento Tech x Gousto keynote, Scaling a Subscription First Business, is open now. More information about the SubscriptionX conference can be found here.

Find out more about ConsumerX, DigitalX, SustainabilityX and all the activity planned during the Spring Festival here.

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