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Visualsoft Partners Spotlight

Leading eCommerce platform and digital marketing agency, Visualsoft, has announced the launch of a brand new partnership programme, that has been built to empower solutions providers to grow their business, build their network, and increase the revenue of the retailers they work with.

What is Visualsoft Partners?

It’s our brand new partnership programme that puts retailers right at the heart of all our collective efforts. From the community we’re building, to innovative tools for partners to use, or to the ways that retailers can find and engage with partners themselves, we’ve designed Visualsoft Partners to support, nurture and grow every retailer that uses any one of Visualsoft’s commerce solutions.

The programme has been designed from the ground up, listening to partners and talking with retailers to really understand deeply what matters to retailers to help them succeed online. So, to achieve an industry leading programme, we focussed on two key areas. Firstly with robust partner collaboration and generous rewards, and secondly, on technology that delivers for partners and retailers that’s easily accessible.

To achieve this we’ve built a platform called PartnerHub, that supports our partners at every turn. This gives partners a space to learn more about Visualsoft’s entire ecosystem,  to create tailored proposals for their own prospects, and even automatically handles earnings payments to partners.  PartnerHub is the epicentre of all partner activities.

Built right into PartnerHub is PartnerConnect, our brand new partner directory. A destination for any aspiring retailer either online or looking to move online. This is a place for partners and retailers to virtually meet, get acquainted and to understand how each partner can help overcome a retailer’s business challenges.

We know that retailers get the best experience when a partner connects them with Visualsoft. So in order to reward these introductions, we felt it was only fair for every partner to share in any success we have by offering up to 20% of any monthly fees for successful referrals. We don’t cap these partner earnings and as long as partners remain a part of the programme we’ll keep sharing in everyone’s collective success. 

What is the driving force behind the programme?


We’ve been working with retailers for over 20 years now including the likes of Charles Clinkard, Little Mistress, Canterbury and Gola, and for much of that Visualsoft has championed the relationships we have with our partners for the benefit of our clients.

Simply put, our vision for Visualsoft Partners is to create a dynamic and vibrant partner community, with one shared ambition – to grow retailers online. We’ve built the programme to support every partner, whether they’re building websites or growing their retail clients businesses using marketing solutions themselves or simply referring retailers to Visualsoft. We want partnering with Visualsoft to be super simple and very rewarding for partners whilst benefiting all retailers.

What are the benefits to a partner?


Visualsoft Partners offers uncapped earning potential to those signed up, with generous revenue share of up to 20% for successful referrals placed through the PartnerHub platform. Partners are already beginning to see the value of pulling together with a shared goal, and the community we offer here really reflects that.

Qualifying partners are able to add their own custom business profile to our dedicated directory PartnerConnect. A destination for retailers to come and find some of the best partners in the industry, this is a great space to allow retailers and partners to connect and join together to find real solutions to real challenges.

At no cost to partners (other than a few minutes to register) we feel that Visualsoft Partners offers unrivalled benefits to each and every partner wanting to develop their own business by helping retailers grow. Simply, we grow together.

What is PartnerConnect?


With 20 years of working side by side with retailers, we understand their need to work with industry leading businesses who can help them do more. Retailers need financial, logistics, operational, branding and many other types of support. We’re delighted to have officially launched our brand new PartnerConnect directory, where qualifying partners can list a custom business profile designed to reach more retailers.

PartnerConnect, makes a perfect online destination for retailers to easily browse a range of partners that offer services to help grow their business online. Partners showcase their products and services through personalised profile pages on the directory. Here retailers can browse through industry leading partners, view case studies and videos, and we’ve even built a messaging system to help partners and retailers start a conversation effortlessly.

PartnerConnect enables partners to be easily discovered by retailers that are actively looking for a solution to almost any retail challenge.

What’s next for Visualsoft?

With Visualsoft Partners now officially launched we want to reach as many partners as possible who can help retailers grow. We’ve built a platform that even in beta has well over 100 partners. We’ve recently added to this with a huge selection of industry heavyweights, including Klarna, Google and Amazon Pay. All of whom have helped bolster our eCommerce Platform to work even harder for our retail clients.

With the partner programme at the core of our efforts moving forwards, we have a fantastic and exciting road-map of enhancements to vsCommerce as well as new products we know our partners and retailers are going to love. We can’t wait to get these into the hands of our partners very soon.

We’ve got big plans for the future, including offering self serve use of our award-winning ecommerce platform, that will enable Solution Partners access to build retail stores powered by vsCommerce on behalf of their merchants. If you feel you qualify to be a Solution Partner, and would like to join us as we actively work on platform development alphas and betas, then please get in touch.

How do I get involved?

It’s free to join. Head over to to register. One of the team will be in touch with you to progress your registration.

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