The Cloud and Cross-Channel Retail: How and why the cloud will irrevocably change the way retailers do business

Get your head out of the clouds and get your ecommerce business up there with this handy introduction to the cloud and cross-channel retail with John Tridgell, Enterprise Marketing Manager of Rackspace. This short white paper highlights in a clear and straightforward manner the key principles of using the cloud and figuring out how it can help your business.

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Learn how companies need to prepare for a new retail environment, that of cross-channel retail, where customers interact with companies across different touchpoints. The cloud offers flexibility and scalability to help retailers succeed in this new world and offers potential cost savings. Using the cloud helps free up senior IT staff to work more strategically and having extra capacity to deal with peaks and troughs, something the cloud can provide, is key in retail.

Contents include:

  •  Cloud and Cross-Channel Retail
  •  What exactly is the cloud?
  •  First steps
  •  Choosing a cloud provider 5
  •  Cultural considerations
  •  The cost factor
  •  The cross-channel factor
  •  Computer says yes…
  •  IT as the new strategic enabler
  • Other benefits
  •  Conclusion