Internet Retailing Magazine is published bimonthly and takes a commercial, robust and uncompromising view of the developments, trends, issues and opportunities in multichannel retail.

The Magazine maps the main streams of internet retail, analysing news and events in the sector and profiling key companies, initiatives, suppliers, people and trends. It  is a source of ideas, competitive intelligence, briefing and analysis.

Our Magazine is written by experts in retail, technology, customer insight and logistics. While we are specialists we are writing for a general, knowledgeable business audience. The Magazine the ‘watering hole’, the nexus where the many professions in a modern business can meet to develop internet retailing.

Edited by Emma Herrod, an award-winning journalist, the Magazine draws upon a range of expert writers, Editors and contributors.

Alongside the Magazine, we also have a periodical Supplement Programme, offering the same pagination as our Magazine, but dedicated to a single topic or theme.

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The Magazine has a controlled circulation, free to retailers and qualifying professionals in the UK and Europe.


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