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5 Tactics to ensure eCommerce Success during a Lockdown

When lockdown came about, streets were deserted, stores were closed, and the world slowed down.

This was a very different picture to the world of eCommerce.

Since the lockdown, consumers have flooded to online shopping. In fact, 57% of consumers shop online more than ever before.

And while this is great news for eCommerce brands. This increase in activity comes with its own challenges. Competition is fierce. Consumer expectation is high. And communication is more important than ever.

So, to make sure your eCommerce brand is a success during lockdown, read on for our top 5 email marketing tactics.

      1. Personalised email marketing communications

Personalisation in email marketing is essential during times of crisis.

After all, most consumers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalised experiences.

And right now competition is high and the inbox is a busy place. As many businesses boost their online marketing to make up for their closed high street stores and a struggling economy.

Therefore, brands need to do all they can to stand out from the crowd. And offer their customers exactly what they need right now.

Personalisation is key to achieving this. And is the perfect tactic for a country in lockdown.

For instance, personalisation from location-based data is ideal for communicating information about your store closures, lockdown measures, and delivery offerings in a local area.

Whereas demographic data is ideal for ensuring your tone of voice is spot on. The messaging you send to a young person will differ wildly from the messaging you send to the elderly. So it’s important that brands are empathetic to that.

And of course, don’t overlook the basics. A simple gift voucher or happy birthday message goes a long way.

      2. Purchase and delivery updates

After the festive period, most of us are aware of the delivery issues facing the country right now.

Meaning many customers are concerned about extended delivery time periods. Or whether they will receive their order at all.

This means that purchase and delivery updates are more important than ever. And should be communicated from the very start of the order process.

Provide order and refund confirmations, estimated delivery times, and if possible, delivery updates along the way.

Be proactive by sending all of your customer updates when lockdown rules change, or when delivery restrictions come into force.

And use automated triggers such as purchase confirmations and post-purchase follow ups to keep your customers in the loop. Without you having to do any additional work.

      3. Product recommendations

The world is a busy place right now. And people have a lot of their minds.

So customers can be forgiven for forgetting about that item they left in their basket. Or the product that they regularly buy each month.

Save them the hassle with email and website product recommendations.

Abandoned basket automations are a simple way to start, and they work. With the average eCommerce abandoned cart email earning $5.81 in revenue per recipient (Email on Acid)

Or be a little more advanced with personalised email and website suggestions of related products, based on customers’ past purchases. According to McKinsay, 30% of Amazon’s traffic comes from recipients clicking on personal recommendations.


And don’t forget to remind your regular customer of their monthly medication or cosmetics that may be running low by sending them personalised replenishment campaigns.

      4. Stock updates

Toilet roll. Hand sanitiser. Groceries.

All of the above (and much more) have faced fluctuating demand and stock levels over the past year.

So whether you are selling basic necessities, or high-end fashion, be sure to keep your customers up to date with your stock levels.

You can do so via email and website updates. Whether you are sending out generic campaigns to let all of your customers know your most popular items are back in stock. Or by offering notification sign ups for specific items that are currently out of stock.

Not only is this a fantastic way to support your customers. It also keeps them engaged and increases the likelihood of them purchasing that specific product from you. And not your competitors.

      5. VIP treatment

Making your customer feel special is a strategy brands should utilise all year long.

But due to the stresses of Covid-19, treating your customers to a little VIP experience has become even more essential.

And that’s not to mention the ever-increasing customer demands that brands now need to meet. Customers don’t just want great products at great prices. They now expect a seamless end-to-end experience.

So start with the basics. Ensure that your email automations are as good as they can be to keep customers engaged at all stages. This should include purchase updates, refund confirmations, and automated customer responses.

Then move onto the VIP treatment. Such as tailored content, birthday discounts, personalised offers, free next day delivery. You can even offer VIP accounts with special perks, exclusive content, and discounted products.

At a time when people are stuck at home, looking for the small luxuries in life, offering something a little more special than the norm is exactly what people need.

Want to ensure eCommerce success?

If your eCommerce offering needs a little boost over lockdown, then we can help. Simply get in touch to chat to one of our friendly experts.

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