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COMPANY SPOTLIGHT Enterprise Evolutions: Transforming Retail With SCAYLE’s Cutting-Edge Solutions


SCAYLE is a leading enterprise commerce platform that helps B2C brands and retailers provide outstanding customer experiences and grow their ecommerce business. SCAYLE recently unveiled its feature updates with Enterprise Evolutions. A suite of tools designed to boost customer engagement, create memorable experiences, and unlock the power of predictable recurring revenue. Here, we explore how the new capabilities enable enterprise growth through painless commerce.

What is SCAYLE doing differently?
At SCAYLE, we’re taking the pain out of commerce for enterprise retailers. Global companies face serious complexity when executing digital commerce strategies. From adjusting to market changes to localising global shopping experiences, there are a huge number of challenges enterprise brands face.

Our approach is unique. We empower the people who make enterprise growth happen: commerce and tech teams. For us it’s all about creating experiences. We give teams software experiences that simplify the complexity in their role – taking the pain out. And this in turn enables them to create outstanding customer experiences that drive profitability. 

Watch the following video where our Managing Director, Tobias Ring discusses the new feature launch and what sets SCAYLE apart:

How do you deliver on this?
We give commerce teams next-level enterprise functionality they can configure – so there’s no need to call the dev team. They get the power to create great customer experiences fast and independently.

For developers, SCAYLE offers a composable, scalabile, and secure stack. No need to rebuild it – we’ve got the backend covered. With headless, powerful APIs and storefront accelerators, they can focus on creating unified shopping journeys across all touchpoints, becoming agile enablers, not blockers to growth.

The entire platform is tied together with intuitive UI/UX, that makes executing every strategy fast and straightforward. 

Which retailers do you work with?
We are proud to be partnered with some of the leading retailers across a wide range of industries. Clients range from Deichmann, Europe’s largest footwear retailer, to Fielmann, one of the world’s largest optician.

We recently partnered with football legends, Manchester United, to operate a new direct-to-consumer platform for their fan store. This is just to name a few of the customer endorsements we have received. 

Our strong customer relationships resulted in us scoring 4.8/5 from Gartner Peer Insights, where we also received a suite of five star reviews including:

”Partnering SCAYLE will enable us to future-proof our multi-country and multi-brand business through a modern API-driven architecture.” – Senior Business Development Manager, Retail – 5/5 Stars

How would you describe your growth, what have been the main points in your expansion and what has been key to your success?
Our growth story is a simple one, we’re built by retailers for retailers. SCAYLE was developed by ABOUT YOU, one of Europe’s largest online stores. We understand the complex B2C landscape better than anyone. This allows us to quickly and accurately address our client’s challenges. Our platform is now powering more than 200 online shops.

What challenges are you addressing for multichannel retailers who aim to meet peak season demands?
SCAYLE was built to handle high-traffic volumes during peak shopping days with ease. It’s in our DNA. 

“Extreme seasonal peaks, like on Black Friday, are the ultimate challenge for any eCom business. A system handling these massive amounts of API calls without a performance loss or failure wasn’t available on the market. So we built it ourselves.” – Sebastian Betz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, ABOUT YOU

On Black Friday, ABOUT YOU handles more than one million requests per minute (RPM). And on peak days, more than 12,000 orders per minute can be processed.

Hear more from ABOUT YOU in an exclusive webinar recorded this April.

How are you prepared to meet challenges for retailers in the upcoming years?
Evolving consumer expectations and demands are a certainty. Brands must work to continuously satisfy these needs. After all, what is industry leading today, may become merely a hygiene factor tomorrow. That’s why we created Enterprise Evolutions to showcase our latest feature releases that help global retailers stay ahead of the curve. 

From Subscriptions to our Advanced Promotion Engine, retailers can uncover how our features are creating pioneering experiences for teams and customers alike.

Take a look at our Omnichannel add-on below:

One sentence elevator pitch to be used as a direct quote on how your company/system benefits retailers.
At SCAYLE, we’re empowering developers and business teams to drive outstanding shopping experiences – because life’s too short for painful commerce.

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