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Company Spotlight: Movable Ink

Founder: Vivek Sharma and Michael Nutt

Founding Date: 2010

HQ Location: New York

No of Employees: 450

Customers: 750


Becki Francis, Associate Director Client Strategy, Retail

What does your company do?

Movable Ink activates any data into personalised content in any customer engagement and is a powerful extension to the technologies that marketers use today. Our content easily connects to all relevant data no matter where it lives, updates based upon a recipient’s most recent interactions, and is auto-generated by the platform across every customer touchpoint.

What is your USP? 

By enabling our clients to auto-generate millions of versions of on-brand creative assets, combined with the ability to seamlessly target consumers with behavioural content in email and mobile programs, brands can deliver the 1:1 personalisation that customers demand—while breaking through the creative bottleneck that so often hinders execution. We deliver massive results for our clients. A Forrester TEI report found that clients using the platform saw a 40% increase in campaign performance, a 40% reduction in production time, and a 373% return on investment. 

What is your market positioning and what gap are you filling amongst the UK competition?

Marketers have been talking about personalisation for years. Some vendors offer “personalisation” features but, more often than not, clunky tech stack problems prohibit retailers from meeting their goals. Data has always been marketers’ most powerful weapon in the battle against customer fluidity—they’ve invested heavily in it (the ability to collect it, store it, unify it, secure it); but it’s only half the solution. To create unique experiences for every customer, brands need more than data. They need to be able to activate it at scale and leverage what they know about each individual customer in a compelling way—delivering communications that generate those powerful and memorable customer experiences. Ultimately, people don’t experience data, they experience content. Content is what moves us and it’s what differentiates one experience from the next. Movable Ink’s approach to personalisation is content-first. We help marketers translate relevant data—from any data source—into personalised content across every customer touchpoint. 

What new functionality does the latest version of your system give to retailers?

Retailers know that the success of their business rests squarely on their ability to meet customer needs and wants. With the digitisation of the path to purchase, consumer expectations have continued to shift at an accelerated pace. To stay competitive, organisations must be able to quickly adapt, react, and even anticipate those changes. Built to meet the needs of today’s digital customer, Movable Ink enables the world’s largest retail brands—including 10 of the top 25 biggest global retailers—to automatically create personalised content that’s data-driven, contextually relevant, and unique for each customer. With Movable Ink, retailers can create personalised content at scale to power each customer engagement, including loyalty program visualisations, product inventory, ratings and reviews, and browsed or abandoned products.

Who are your customers?

We work with more than 700 of the world’s most innovative global brands to drive customer engagement and accelerate marketing performance, including 10 of the top 25 apparel brands, 6 of the 12 largest airlines, 2 of the 3 largest hotel chains, 2 of the top restaurant chains, 2 of the largest media companies, and many more. 

What do you see as challenges for retailers and suppliers to the industry in the coming year and what are you doing to meet those challenges?

The last year has been particularly challenging for retailers, first with Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and more recently due to global supply chain disruption and increased data privacy protections—and we’re not out of the woods just yet. Marketers have learned that agility is the name of the game and zero- and first-party data are  necessities. Nearly 70% of consumers say that personalisation is key to loyalty, meaning marketers will not only have to build their zero- and first-party data sets, but leverage them in meaningful, 1:1 ways. 

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