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DPD donates 80th Sunshine Coach with Variety

DPD Parcel Delivery

DPD Parcel Delivery

Parcel courier DPD has just donated an incredible 80th Sunshine Coach to Variety, the Children’s Charity.

Variety strives to empower children with disabilities and provide them with specialised equipment that isn’t available through government services. Their initiatives enhance these children’s well-being, independence, social inclusion, mobility, and self-esteem, ultimately enabling them to thrive regardless of their background. Variety state that, on average, a family with a disabled child has to pay an extra £975 per month to have the same standard of living as one without; this is a burden Variety aim to alleviate. Perhaps the most notable initiative Variety drives is their Sunshine Coaches.

The Sunshine Coaches are specially adapted minibuses which are donated to schools and organizations working with disabled and disadvantaged children. These buses enable the children to participate in outings and activities that they would otherwise miss due to their circumstances. The program is funded through a combination of donations from Variety and fundraising efforts by the beneficiary organizations.

DPD has supported Variety, the Children’s Charity, for 30 years and has donated scores of the coaches over the years. In 2019 DPD celebrated Variety’s 70th birthday by donating three of the minibusses.

This year, however, DPD has hit a huge milestone by donating its 80th Sunshine Coach through Variety, which will find its way to Parkhill Secondary School in Glasgow. 

Elaine Kerr, chief executive officer at DPD, said: “DPD has worked with Variety now for 30 years and we’re delighted to continue supporting the amazing work they do – it’s a charity very close to all our hearts which is why we’ve donated 80 coaches to date.”

“These coaches make an incredible difference and it gives us all enormous pleasure to handover the keys to such deserving causes like Parkhill School.”

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About DPD UK & DPD Delivery Service

DPD is one of the UK’s leading express parcel delivery firms. DPD are committed not only to being the highest rated in the UK for customer experience (see DPD in the latest MSE 2024 Courier Survey – based on reliability, customer service, and delivery time received) but are truly committed to leading the way in sustainable delivery and being net zero by 2040 with Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)-focused delivery processes and championing community responsibility. DPD’s charitable work with Variety is just one of the many examples of DPD supporting causes in need, across communities throughout the UK.

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DPD Offers Commitment to Sustainable Delivery and Impact

In terms of ESG, DPD is passionate about its environmental projects. Through core DPD initiatives such as the DPD Eco Fund, DPD uses revenue from recycling specific waste streams through DPD operations to then support businesses involved with climate change. The DPD Eco Fund has donated to organisations such as WWF Seagrass, Forestry England and the RSPB. However, DPD also has a proven track record of creating their own tree planting schemes across the globe in countries. delivered in regions such as Brazil, Indonesia, and Burundi. DPD pick multiple ecological partners to work with.

Wider DPD ESG-related projects include DPD introducing 3,600 electric vehicles (EVs) into their delivery fleet for parcels delivery, and working to introduce autonomous delivery robots using automation via efficient tech processes including the DPD App.

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