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Fighting Fraud Across the Marketplace Ecosystem

By Alon Livneh

Online marketplaces have experienced rapid growth – in 2020, marketplaces accounted for two thirds of global online B2C sales. It’s a force that can’t be ignored: eCommerce merchants should consider incorporating marketplaces into their channel strategy to promote growth. But marketplaces are also uniquely vulnerable to fraud from bad actors abusing both ends of the transaction, impersonating buyers and sellers to commit fraud. Scams have grown to be increasingly sophisticated, bringing with them greater potential for damage. The need to mitigate these risks, now, is more urgent than ever.

Riskified recently partnered with Payoneer to publish a joint whitepaper exploring common types of fraud found along the eCommerce payment value chain – from ATOs, to seller fraud, fraudulent returns, and more. The whitepaper illustrates ways for marketplace platforms and sellers to mitigate risk, take control of their data, and protect their bottom line.

Some of the topics covered in this whitepaper include:

What forms of fraud marketplaces encounter

Discover what forms of fraud marketplaces are uniquely susceptible to, with bad actors abusing both the buyer and seller ends of the transaction.

How to fight back with data

Understand how data can be leveraged to prevent and mitigate fraud, including the benefit of a data exchange program and machine learning-backed decisions.

The value of provider partnerships

Learn how payment and risk solution providers work together to provide a safe and seamless shopping experience for platforms, sellers and customers.

To learn more about emerging fraud trends and understand how data can be harnessed by machine learning technology to protect revenue, read the full whitepaper.

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