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GUEST COMMENT Tricky terminologies to know about retargeting and consent

If you are running an online business, then you should understand the importance of converting new users into customers as it is the best way to get more sales in your business. To drive up your business sales, you should follow retargeting.

Retargeting is the only way to make them come back existing users on your eCommerce website. To know how retargeting helps you, read this blog. This blog will help you to find the closest way to get more revenue in your business. In this blog, we will describe what is retargeting? Types of retargeting? How can you use retargeting in your business? What is the best way to close sale and how will you follow the legal guidelines to build retargeting strategies?


What is retargeting?

Retargeting re-attracts the users who have already visited your website but leave it without making any purchase. Retargeting provides a fantastic way to reach people who have come to your website or used your app. With retargeting techniques, existing users can see your ads on other websites as they search for the product on Google. It is the best way to help your business connect with customers after they leave your website and encourage them to return on website.

Types of retargeting method

There are many types of retargeting methods available for online vendors which they can use for enhancing their business sales.

Let’s a have a look at some retargeting methods:

Site retargeting

Site retargeting is the most popular type of retargeting which allows to display ads to the people who have visited your website. It is a process to attract users by displaying ads on other websites as well. It is helpful for those visitors who visit your website and leave it without any reason.

Email retargeting

Email retargeting allows you to display ads to subscribers who have opened your emails. This type of retargeting allows us to contact to our top-most leads as they browse the internet. It is useful for targeting existing users. It works for those who regularly visit your website but do not buy your products. At that time, you can remind them about your store by sending some relevant email. 

Search retargeting

Search retargeting is a form retargeting which is employed by online vendors that target a user based on the previous searches that they perform on their website. It is used for finding new users.

Contextual retargeting

It ensures that your content is matching with your ads that you publish on your e-commerce website. You can achieve this retargeting method by analyzing the keywords and topics attached to each ad. It helps you promote your brand.

How can you use retargeting in your e-commerce business?

Create an ad for retargeting user

Generally, users visit your website, search the product and save it to the cart but do not buy it. You need to prospect who viewed your e-commerce store but did not purchase anything. For those people, you can build an ad like last-chance offers, do not miss this offers, one day to go and so forth. Thus, it will help you back targeted users on your eCommerce store.

Maintain time interval ads

Do not waste your time on the same users. Focus more number of users by sending some messages in a different time period. Keep the purchasing cycle in your mind while creating time interval ads.

Use social media

In this digital marketing scenario, social media plays an important role. Thus, many companies that utilize retargeting are using social media as the best part of retargeting strategy. Social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest has become the major part of the conveying information because lots of users are having account on social media. It is an exemplary way to reach more numbers of targeted users towards your website.

Give answer to those who have visited your FAQ page

If a user asks something on your FAQ page then you should provide an assistance in a timely manner. You can encourage them to know more about your ecommerce store by clicking through to your product landing page.

Target loyal customers with VIP specials and sales

This is the best strategies to target your loyal customers who visit your website and make a purchase. To increase more number of sales, you need to send some promo code or discounted coupon.

Retarget Cart Abandoners Through SMS

Users who visit your website and leave your website without buying anything. For those users, SMS can be the perfect way to reach your customers. By using few tips in your marketing strategies, you can target your customers such as:

  • There is one item left in your cart”
  • An exclusive discount on the product
  • There is some special offer for you, just visit the website.

What is consent?

Consent is used to define the rule of using retargeting strategies. It expresses the latest guideline and standards which you can use in your e-commerce business for increasing your business sales One can use the onsite and offsite retargeting strategies in their eCommerce business.

Retargeting platforms render the capability to collect feedback, gather GDPR privacy consent and build onsite messages!

Tracking for retargeting is an incursion of people’s privacy – it’s true, as an online vendors you have to accept this. You should follow the privacy statement from start to finish the project. Generally, customers do not read the privacy statement so how will they know what is the privacy statement. You should include all the privacy things in your strategies.


We can say that retargeting is the best way for improving your business sales. But, make sure, the techniques you are using for retargeting are relevant otherwise you can lose your customers. Do not send more messages to your customers as they can be get irritated. Therefore, you need to be very specific about the quality of your retargeting.

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