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Have your finger on the ecommerce pulse

One of this year’s most exciting ecommerce summits takes place next Thursday (November 10) in London. The Pulse Ecommerce Summit ‘22 is a new full day ecommerce conference for retailers to hear about the latest technologies, strategies and best practices within the industry.

Joshua Hobson, head of growth at Vervaunt, which has organised the event, said: “We have pulled together numerous high profile panellists and speakers from a wide range of high-growth and established retailers and tech businesses to come together and discuss the highest priority topics in our industry. 

“We are certainly living in interesting times with technological capabilities advancing every year, plus increasing customer acquisition costs and current economic turmoil. We’re looking forward to bringing together the ecommerce and retail community for a full day (and evening!) of strategy and discussion into all of the current issues and talking points.”

Jade Harvey, head of performance at We Are TALA, added, “We’re excited to be speaking at a panel at this event on the topic of new customer acquisition, as well as hearing from the leading brands, thinkers and speakers in the ecommerce industry, looking at current issues as well as what 2023 will bring to retail and ecommerce.

“The Vervaunt team has created some excellent seminars and events this year, and the full-day Pulse Ecommerce Summit ‘22 is a really exciting event to be involved in.”

The conference is aimed at ambitious high-growth retailers and brands, with topics including internationalisation, scaling through a recession, technology and roadmapping, Web 3.0 and more. Confirmed panellists include speakers from Google, TikTok, Stüssy, Fred Perry, Travis Perkins, We Are TALA, Oka and many more high profile brands and businesses. 

Panel topics around ‘The Customer’ include new customer acquisition; privacy in a cookie-less world and internationalisation. 

Topics and panels around ‘The Experience’ includes talks ‘The Experience Expectation’ and ‘4 Tips to Hit Your Acquisition and Retention Goals through Cutting-Edge CX’, as well as a panel talk on ecommerce tech and digital transformation. 

The next track around technology sees panel discussions about Web 3.0 and ‘Recouping Replatforming Costs with Search-Led Revenue’, as well as an SEO talk from Aleyda Solis, founder at Orainti, and the future of web analytics from Brad Redding, founder at Elevar. 

The last track of the day features a talk from Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu about founding The Turmeric Co, as well as a fireside chat about the future of retail to round up the day. 

There are a limited number of tickets left for the event. 

Book your ticket now:

Please note, there are still free tickets for retailers available. 

For paid tickets, use code THURSDAY20 for 20% off tickets. 

Please note, there have just been Tube strikes announced for next week at short notice. The event will still be going full steam ahead! 

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