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Navigating eCommerce in a Changing Climate

For over 20 years, Visualsoft have been empowering eCommerce and growing businesses online by combining award-winning platform and world-class strategic thinking. Visualsoft are committed to providing guidance and advice wherever possible during a time where strategic pivots are vital to support businesses on and offline.

Review all marketing messaging

All brand messaging should be tactically reviewed to ensure that all communication being made is sensitive and mindful, with regards to the current global situation. While there are undoubtedly plenty of opportunities in eCommerce in the current climate, it is important to ensure to not portray yourself as being insensitive.

Ensure to update your website messaging to reflect the impact COVID-19 may, or may not, be having on your business. In a time of uncertainty it is incredibly important to be transparent with your customers to keep them informed and put their mind at ease. Consider updating messaging across the whole of the website – your homepage banners, slither banners or sticky promos, your delivery pages, basket pages and any shipping or courier delays so you are offering clarity at every stage of the purchase process.

All pre-scheduled ad (organic and paid) messaging should be reviewed, along with scheduled email communications, to ensure that communications reflect the current global situation to ensure that messaging is sensitive and relevant.

Focusing on social media in a time of social distancing is more important than ever – consumers are spending more time than ever before on social media so reaching out to connect and comfort your customers in a time of uncertainty can really help to establish strong brand loyalty.

Maintain ad spend

A less-saturated marketing offers businesses more opportunities so, if you are able, maintaining your ad spend is key. With changes to the marketplace, you may see more clicks for a lower cost.

To ensure you are receiving the most relevant clicks, amend your ads to keep messaging relevant and check that stock levels are kept up to date.

Relying on your current marketing database of customers and amending your message accordingly can encourage repeat business based on prior experience with your company.

Optimise for trust

Any spare resource throughout this time period could be shifted into SEO as they are likely to pay off later in the year.

Staying on brand and demonstrating that your company is reputable and authoritative isn’t just good for Google, it’s good for your customer. As the saying goes ‘people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel’.

Utilise your affiliate marketing partnerships

Due to the cost per acquisition payment model, Affiliate marketing is likely to become a key channel over the coming months to help stabilise costs. It also allows you to work with partners to generate sales, rather than ‘going it alone’.

Support your business with marketplaces

Promoting your products across various marketplaces allows you to increase your reach by considerable amounts. Over the course of the next few uncertain months, this may prove hugely beneficial to many new smaller retailers. In a time of uncertainty, shoppers are more likely to turn to the big-name retailers that they know and trust, due to previous positive interactions.

Delivery and returns

To add comfort to customers during an uncertain time period, communicate any changes to standard delivery methods or time frames at all points of the customer’s journey. Generally, consumers are understanding of any delays in light of global developments, however ensuring they have the latest information on their delivery helps to build brand trust, and in turn, increasing the likelihood of repeat visits.


In such an uncertain climate, the key to customer retention is clarity and communication. To maximise upon your acquisition strategy throughout this time period, leaning on large and well established retailers/ marketplaces and affiliates could be essential in hitting your acquisition targets.

Visualsoft’s full guide “eCommerce in a changing climate”  is available for download for free here.

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