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Payvision flaunts a fresh new look to match its modern solution suite

Amsterdam-based fintech company Payvision has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2002. In 2015, it launched sister company Acapture, and 2018 saw ING, one of Europe’s largest banks, acquiring a 75% stake in the Payvision Group.

Momentous leaps for any enterprise, to be sure. But they also naturally challenged the company to redefine its identity.

So in May 2019, Payvision unveiled a new brand: one that established its position in the payments space as a trailblazing partner promising clarity and impact.

Redefining the Payvision DNA

As part of the rebranding process, the Acapture platform was integrated under the new Payvision brand, uniting the tech-driven payment solutions offered via Acapture with Payvision’s acquiring network. The result means that today, Payvision is a data-driven, omnichannel payment processor offering simplified, yet powerful solutions to merchants across the globe.

“Payvision’s new brand identity was a strategic project aimed at reinventing the company as it stepped into a new chapter with our partner, ING. So we’re hugely excited and proud of this milestone,” explains Payvision CEO, Rudolf Booker.

“There’s no better way to celebrate this new era than by launching a brand that reflects the energy and creativity of the people behind the company. Payvision is now ready for the future, living up to its core values: passion and curiosity.”

Bringing a unique tempo to payments

For its visual identity, Payvision worked with Saffron, an award-winning brand consultancy that helped discover and show the company’s original personality through brand expression.

With its human-centric approach and vibrant, simple identity, the payments powerhouse brings a breath of fresh air to customers in a sector defined by complex solutions. And in doing so, Payvision identified its brand purpose: to be the beat of payments, infusing the industry with a consistent, yet lively rhythm.

“What makes Payvision stand out from other PSPs is the personal touch they offer in their service,” says Wilbert Witkamp, General Director of Tapperuse. “They’ve always been flexible and creative, going the extra mile to brainstorm with you on finding a solution that meets your needs.

You can also count on them to be frank with you at all times. Their new brand reflects these qualities in a creative way, which I think is pretty impressive.”

Curious about the new Payvision brand? Check out their website to see it in action:

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