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Pour Moi supercharges online CX and drives an 11% uplift in conversion with Findologic

by Rachel King

British lingerie and swimwear brand, Pour Moi, is now capable of providing a stand-out experience to all of their 1.3M+ monthly visitors. The fashion retailer saw an 11% increase in conversion and a 10% increase in average order value., thanks to an AI-powered solution from Findologic, a leading search and navigation platform. 

Founded in 2005, Pour Moi quickly became known for its stylish lingerie and swimwear ranges, with a wide product range, allowing customers to find intimates that not only fit and flatter but make them feel confident.  As a fast growing online brand, Pour Moi recognised the need to support its customers at each stage of the buying journey to drive sales and loyalty inline with their growth plans  – from search and discovery through to personalisation and shopping assistants – their aim was to help shoppers find the most relevant products, quickly and efficiently.  Already offering virtual bra fittings services, the lingerie brand wanted to ensure its ecommerce platform could deliver a  ‘white-glove’ customer experience, with fast and innovative functionalities that take the pain out of online shopping and seamlessly move customers from point A to point B..

Pour Moi had ambitious plans to completely overhaul its existing on-site CX.  This included reducing total clicks – moving the shopper more seamlessly along each stage of the buying journey to reduce friction and abandonment rates – whilst delivering enhanced contextual information and more relevant results for customers, to ultimately drive greater conversions and sales.

Gareth Jones, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager at Pour Moi, explained: “We’re an innovative company – we try to set trends more than copy them, so I’m constantly on the lookout for technology and UX innovations that allow us to stay one step ahead of the competition.”

This commitment to innovation led Pour Moi to partner with Findologic.  Findologic’s solution helped the lingerie brand supercharge its ecommerce operations by allowing it to optimise every element of a shopper’s path to purchase – from enhanced on-site search and navigation to serving up hyper-personalised content that supports an individual customer’s buying journey, to mobile UX optimisation and online merchandising.

Pour Moi also implemented Findologic’s AI-powered virtual shopping assistant, Li.S.A.®.

Data shows that customers submit very broad search terms, but returning a broad set of search results in line with these terms can overwhelm the customer and make product discovery challenging with too many options to choose from.  Through Findologic’s A.I. based shopping assistant, Li.S.A®, Pour Moi are able to understand behaviours and preferences, minimising touch points and relieving burden, so that browsers can sit back and enjoy personalised results.

With enhanced online CX, Pour Moi has seen 21% uplift in sessions using search, with an 11% increase in conversion through optimised features and a 10% increase in AOV through the Findologic platform. With Jones adding:  “Findologic is fantastic. I don’t see how any other provider can compete in terms of features and technological support vs. price – we were given full access to their team and platform from day one!”

About Findologic

Search and navigation are at the epicentre of any user’s path to purchase – Findologic has over 13 years of experience in this and is one of the world’s leading providers today. Bridging the gap between in-store and online retail experience is a requirement for any online retailer – Findologic’s comprehensive set of features supercharges customer journeys, optimising every element of a browser’s pathway to conversion for efficiency and intuitiveness.

Satisfy your customers and increase revenue: harnessing the latest A.I. technologies, Findologic’s search and navigation platform is more intelligent than ever, drilling into user behaviours to personalise every journey and present users with gold-standard outputs that convert.Findologic has been developing modern software solutions for online shops since 2008 and is one of the world’s leading providers today.

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