UK Fashion 2022: Ecommerce Country Report
27 Jun 2022
The RetailX UK Fashion 2022 Report offers a behind the scenes analysis of the UK Fashion landscape from a commercial and strategic point of view.
Italy 2022: Ecommerce Country Report
22 Jun 2022
The RetailX Italy Ecommerce Country Report is designed to help retailers navigate Italy’s sophisticated B2C market.
The Sports Goods 2022: Ecommerce Sector Report
17 Jun 2022
In this report, we look closely at how the pandemic, sustainability and digital health have combined to shift shopper habits. Zooming in on the consumer, we also take into account age distribution of European shoppers who are active and inactive in sports in 2021 - as well as revenue per user in the outdoor and sports market.
Global Elite 1000 2022
10 Jun 2022
Each region in the world has its own elite ranking of retailers and direct-selling brands - those sellers who define the market, stand head and shoulders above the rest, and provide the high water mark of retail performance.
RXBX: The RetailX Brand Index 2022
31 May 2022
The RetailX Brand Index 2022 explores the largest 500 brands that sell to customers across the EU from a strategic and commercial lens. 
Nordics 2022: Ecommerce Region Report
27 May 2022
The Nordics 2022 Ecommerce Region Report analyses the economies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden from an ecommerce and multichannel retail perspective.
Netherlands Beauty 2022: Ecommerce Country Report
25 May 2022
The Netherlands beauty 2022 Ecommerce Country Report looks in detail at the widely diverse sector that is beauty in the Netherlands region.

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