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Social Stores are critical for market reach and influence

Recognising your customer where they shop can enhance engagement, growth and loyalty

Leading international Digital Commerce agency, Tryzens, advise that Digital Commerce is truly multichannel today, and increasingly so, such that retailers must meet their customers where they are active to harness opportunity and nurture great customer experience.

With people spending up to 61% more time on social media and 60% of consumer interactions now taking place online following the seismic shift in behaviours through the pandemic, shoppers are increasingly heading online to browse and purchase, expecting that the brand experience and journey will be familiar throughout.  This means not just being available as a destination eCommerce store, but being found and recognised across social media stores such as Facebook and Instagram where the role of influencers and the nature of engagement is more experiential. The problem for many retailers and brands is that there is often not a clear path to start selling through social and search channels, and limited ability to connect this critical activity back to their core digital commerce systems to recognise customers and understand their behaviours and preferences across different channels.  This can also present challenges in managing the practicalities of enabling sufficient stock across channels in a streamlined way.

However, following the launch of Quick Start for Channels in 2020, Tryzens are excited to announce the launch of their Facebook and Instagram connector for Salesforce OMS on Salesforce AppExchange, enabling the wider Salesforce Commerce Cloud user base to gain access to this important innovation. The new App integrates the Salesforce Order Management System (OMS) with Instagram and Facebook, allowing customers to check out via the social store in-app checkout capability (in regions this is supported by the social stores) and orchestrate the order fulfilment and a maintain a single view of customer shopping across channels via Salesforce.  For regions where In-App checkout is not supported, Tryzens have also established some additional value-added service capabilities to enable the transfer of products or baskets from the social stores through to Salesforce Commerce Cloud for an enriched shopping and checkout experience.

The Facebook and Instagram App for OMS enables retailers and brands to start selling through these important channels no matter what region customers are located in, intelligently creating a single customer view, and where relevant enabling personalisation of the experience through Einstein.  This then enables the end to end management of the order journey from payment through to delivery and returns for both Social Stores and eCommerce storefronts through a common system and processes. In addition, the management of products, catalogues and data becomes more streamed, with one single point of data entry that updates across channels, removing the need for duplicate practices and multiple uploads and syncs.

The Facebook & Instagram connector for OMS simplifies and accelerates the process of launching product sales on social and connects to Salesforce’s Order Management System (OMS).

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens said “there can be few people left that do not believe that digital commerce is now at the forefront of enabling retail growth, but that does not just mean eCommerce, it encompasses, social stores, search, App Commerce, subscription, marketplaces, and not least, the optimisation of experience in physical stores.  Our dependence on technology, through the very fact that most people carry a smartphone with them wherever they are, makes digital commerce an imperative at the core of a customer engagement strategy.  Having a single view of your customers, no matter where they are active, enabling them to find your products, and for retailers to correctly recognise them, is critical to empowering relevant, engaging and more personal shopping experiences. Couple that with optimising stock availability across your active channels and you have solid foundations for driving sustainable growth.  We are delighted to have worked on bringing innovation to the market to enable retailers and brands around the world to benefit from the power of trading through Social Stores alongside physical and eCommerce storefronts and to curate knowledge, experience and operations on a common basis across all channels leveraging by the power of Salesforce OMS.”  

Burton concluded “This new solution will enable businesses to effectively connect the dots on customer behaviour across channels, on a global scale, no matter what services or applications are currently offered. This is a key piece of the puzzle for businesses to truly shape their experience around the customer and personalise at every touchpoint with purpose. It’s about building the bigger picture for businesses to better serve customers.”

The new App is available via the Salesforce AppExchange at

About Tryzens

Tryzens is an international digital commerce consultancy that take a holistic approach to growing businesses based on digital-first principles. Our team of trading specialists, strategists and technology experts are passionate and focused on identifying and  implementing solutions that optimise performance across all channels to delight customers no matter how or where customers choose to buy.

With offices in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Sofia and Trivandrum, we have partnered with some of the world’s most successful retailers and brand owners including Cotton On Group, Sweaty Betty, Liberty London, T.M.Lewin, R.M Williams and Treasury Wine Estates to provide beginning to end services that help grow businesses and provide the best customer experiences.

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