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Tech-driven relevancy unlocks holiday cheer for brands

The holiday season is like a retail showcase, and ecommerce platforms have a golden opportunity to convert casual browsers into enthusiastic customers. Between Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day and January sales, there is fertile ground for ecommerce to nurture customer loyalty. However, it is essential not to overwhelm your customer. 

UK Shoppers more likely to get frustrated and abandon cart, study shows

A recent study from Rokt in partnership with The Harris Poll revealed UK consumers are especially less forgiving when encountering a frustrating online shopping experience. Over one-third (34%) of UK shoppers were likelier than the global average (29%) to abandon their cart when encountering checkout frustrations or barriers. The potential for a loss of sale is high at the point of checkout; unfortunately, many brands get it wrong.

A key frustration for online shoppers is an excess of irrelevant messages, which 45% of Brits reported being annoyed by. The sheer volume of promotions and advertisements in the build-up to the festive season can be overwhelming. Relevant offers cut through the noise but importantly remain subtle, ensuring the shopping experience is relevant and enjoyable for customers. It’s like having a helpful shopping assistant guiding you to the deals that matter most to you. 

In the end, the goal of a retailer is to make the customer’s shopping journey as seamless and rewarding as possible. It’s called ‘retail therapy’ for a reason, and relevancy is a key ingredient to achieving the sweet spot between instant satisfaction and long-term loyalty.   

Holiday offers and trials help loosen the wallets of thrifty shoppers 

Limited-time offers and exclusive deals are seasonal sale staples. Relevant offers can emphasise the urgency of such promotions, encouraging browsers to act quickly before missing out. Phrases like “limited stock” or “24-hour sale” only create a sense of urgency if applied to the right deals for both casual browsers and decisive customers. With many UK consumers trying to save money in these economically tough times, it’s more essential than ever that messages are relevant. It’s been reported by Shopify that most British people are planning a holiday shopping surge, with 73% reducing their spend over the past few months to save up. 

Inflation has increased customers’ likelihood to shop the sales for the best offers, with 58% globally agreeing that the cost-of-living crisis has caused them to shop deals more consciously. Around a fifth of Gen Z have also confirmed they were now savvier shoppers in light of daily costs increasing. This is important for ecommerce companies because these consumers tend to be the most tech-savvy and expect the transition from clicking on an ad to completing a purchase to be as smooth as possible. British online shoppers highlighted that having to manually input payment information was a source of frustration, with nearly a quarter (26%) of UK shoppers finding it bothersome compared to a fifth (20%) globally. A well-optimised and user-friendly website or app is crucial during this peak shopping period. A frustrating or confusing experience can deter potential customers even if they were initially interested. 

Services that run on a trial basis are especially well-positioned to convert younger customers; free trial offers provide a low-risk entry point for consumers. They get to experience the product or service without committing financially upfront. This makes it easier for seasonal shoppers to give services, items and products a try, especially when they might be cautious about spending during the holiday season. If they find it beneficial during the trial period, they are more likely to convert into loyal, returning customers. Results from a recent Rokt campaign showed that a free trial spanning 60 days increased the customer conversion rate by 201% while the number of signups increased by 294% at a 21% lower cost per acquisition. 

Stand out in customer acquisition

With today’s consumers bombarded by numerous promotions during seasonal sales, offering a free trial can set your brand apart by showcasing confidence in your product. It’s a gesture that says, “We believe you’ll love this, and we’re giving you a chance to see for yourself.” Combined with data and smart channels like Rokt, advertisers can stand out by targeting customers who are actively shopping and are most likely to engage with an offer. 

In essence, relevant messages and free trial offers will set your business apart from the competition during this year’s sale season. Your ads reflect how much your company values the customer experience; they act as customised invitations to a shopping extravaganza, enticing browsers to not just window shop but to make those coveted purchases. It’s the art of turning casual interest, powered by technology, into a savvy shopping spree.Looking to add more relevancy into your marketing strategies? Talk to an expert about how Rokt can help. Get access to the full commissioned report with the Harris Poll here.

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