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Unveiling the internet: Discover how to unlock accurate market intelligence at Luminati workshop

Imagine you’re buying a shirt from your favourite online fashion brand. It’s highly likely that, in order to set the most attractive (and competitive) price for that particular shirt, the brand has gathered crucial marketing insight using Luminati’s IP proxy network (IPPN) or residential IPs. It’s the same for when you’re booking a flight or hotel through an online travel site; chances are the prices being displayed have been decided following online research the travel site has conducted using Luminati’s massive IPPN.

Gathering accurate, real-time, global market insight for price comparison purposes is just one small part of the wider IPPN picture. Using an IPPN, travel and ecommerce brands are able to monitor how their products and services are marketed on the global web from every angle. Travel and ecommerce brands are simply two markets of many (including finance, cybersecurity, and social media) that are benefitting from Luminati’s IPPN.

Unfamiliar with the technology? Five years ago, we developed a first-of-its-kind enterprise IP proxy /residential IP network, enabling businesses to level the global competitive landscape by collecting market intelligence only available online, rapidly and at huge scale. Gathered and accessible in real-time, this information is essential for making accurate business decisions and ensuring that brands deliver the highest quality and most secure service to their end-users. Luminati is now helping thousands of multinational and Fortune 500 names to overcome blocking and barriers from their competitors (such as being fed misleading data); to compete fairly; and to access the internet transparently.

What else makes our approach unique?

Our massive network enables hyper-scale operations and is capable of sending multiple requests simultaneously. The market intelligence and open view of the internet available to our IPPN users is only possible thanks to the millions of consumers who have opted in to the network. Based in every major city worldwide, these consumers and their unique, location-, ISP- (Internet Service Provider) and device-based IP addresses act as a gateway to the online domain, allowing brands to see through the eyes of their customers.

A shopper browsing on their mobile in New York, for instance, will want to see that shirt with the correct price and description based on their location, browsing history etc. And the same goes for booking that hotel or that flight. The only way for brands to make accurate decisions on these things is by using accurate data, gathered from exactly when, where and how consumers in each of their target markets happens to be.

Want to learn more about Luminati’s IP proxy network and the benefits your business can gain? Join Luminati for a hands-on workshop in New York or San Francisco, October 22, 24.

During the workshop, Luminati’s experts will introduce you to their IPPN, will take you through the multiple business benefits and explain how you can easily manage the network’s key features to access extensive data, tailored to your business needs. For workshop agenda and details:


San Francisco:

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