InternetRetailing Magazine – January 2015 – Issue 50 (IRM50)

In this issue we lead with Emma Herrod’s interview of Jerome Gayet of Zalando [IRDX RZAL], fresh from his keynote at the 2014 InternetRetailing Conference.

TopShop [IRDX RTOP] feature in our retail review, joined by our regular sections around the world, and editors’ comments.

International is the theme of the issue and so features on China, cross-Atlantic logistics, the role of mobile in international commerce, Europe and our commentators from around the world pick up on this theme.

The articles and features are linked on the right, or click on the button to access the pdf/page-turner digital version of the magazine. As ever, please do send through your comments and suggestions to

Mentioned in this piece…




Zalando GmbH is a multinational e-commerce company that specialises in selling shoes, clothing and other fashion and lifestyle products online. (more…)




Topshop is a British multinational retailer which specialises in fashion clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories. (more…)