RetailX AU250 Footprint Report 2018

In compiling the RetailX Australia (AU250) top retailers, we have set out to create a definitive list of the most significant ecommerce and multichannel retailers operating in the continent. In doing this, we’ve taken an algorithmic approach to blending and ranking the four components of a retailer’s Footprint: its amount of web traffic, retail revenue, ecommerce revenue, and the company’s total number of physical locations. Over the coming months, the Index will develop beyond this initial Footprint to include six Performance Dimensions.

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The performance-based ranking of Australia’s top ecommerce and multichannel retailers

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Included in this report:

  • An in-depth analysis into the 250 retailers with the largest Footprint in Australia
  • An explanation of how we measure retail performance
  • Marketplaces: How the arrival of new marketplaces in Australia may mean wholesale changes in shopper behaviour
  • Brand messages: How Australia has proved a strong growth market for international brands
  • What constitutes a retailer?
  • And more

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