eBay: How online boosts offline sales

Research by eBay [IRDX REBY] and Deloitte across the UK and Germany suggests that online and mobile commerce actually enhances offline sales. Here Patrick Munden, head of retail marketing at eBay talks about why this is the case and offers some key advice to retailers to tap into this trend.

Learn more about the ‘Omnichannel Opportunity’ report, prepared by Deloitte for eBay in Paul Skeldon’s editorial here.

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eBay is a multinational business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer marketplace. (more…)

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  2. AfroDeity said:

    Thanks for the informative article. Ebay does seem to be a favourite for my customers.

  3. Online shopping is so helpful to increase offline shopping by using their contact info.This post is so interesting.I like this post.

  4. Hello
    To download the report mentioned in this video here’s the link.
    Patrick Munden

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